Mount & Blade Native Expension mod has glued my face to my monitor

There’s nothing quit like sitting my ass down on my trusty steed, grasping my lance in hand and charging right through the enemy line.  While that last sentence comes across as vaguely sexual, in actuality I’m referring to Mount & Blade – the best fantasy medieval simulator I’ve ever come across.

No, it’s not an RPG.  It’s not an FPS, it’s not even an RTS.  Like a flight sim, where you step into a simulated plane and do things no sane pilot would, in Mount & Blade you step into a fantasy medieval world as Sir YourNameHere and live the life.  For added reality, try not bathing for a few days while playing.


The original game is great but I’ve recently become hooked on a fantastic mod called the Native Expansion mod.  As in, the native game client but expanded.  Now with more ability to murder, kill and pillage.

the Native Expansion mod ads a ton of new stuff.  In addition to changing the stats of many weapons and armor, there have been a ton of additions.  There’s new morale rules which will have your foes or your friends running for the hills in combat, new ways to manage and enhance your thriving medieval kingdom once you wrest it from the hands of the Nords. . . er, and lots of new characters.  Then there are the bad folks who appear later on in the game.


If you’re a fan of Mount & Blade definitely check out this mod.  If you haven’t tried this game yet, you owe it to yourself to get into it.  And also expect a multiplayer version out in Q3 of this year.  In fact, this is currently the main reason why I haven’t posted an update to this site myself in a few days.

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5 thoughts on “Mount & Blade Native Expension mod has glued my face to my monitor

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  1. very good game, after long time i discover a lot of detail hidden in here, there is virtually nothing more you would like to do than you actually can. so much attention paid to game.

    i noticed just recently, ie when you want a lord to follow you
    he must be inclined to you, you have to accomplish for him some quest or give some fief, if he inclined just a little he might follow you, but he surely wont risk his life and army in fight you begin.

    also the game engine is good, armies are divided so parts when you fight so there are no fight like 100 thousends men against 100 hundred on battlefield so your computer can handle it, and you can finish one fight within hour and not a month 🙂
    so there is ration, in such i situation fight would look like 100 men vs 10 and it would take place ten times.
    i guess they had to plan game very precisely before.
    i just dont understant gamespot assess they surely played just a part of game, because this game evolves you play in every timeline in it some different role, so to fully get known this game you have to play it at least for weaks and i doubt that staff at gamespot had such much time.

    and the lords have usually more capacity for army so its just good idea to invite somebody when you are going to attack somebody.

    some of the features could be little more easier done, so you would have to click less, but they rather focused on making mass of featuress to feed your hunger.


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