Warriors with Terry Schappert, a Must See for Geeks and History Buffs

If you find warrior cultures and ancient (and not so ancient) combat at all interesting this is the show for you.  Warriors just finished its first season on the History Channel, and what an amazing season it was.

Now a show about history’s great battles, and the civilizations that fought them, is hardly new for the History channel, being in fact their bread and butter. (Well, that and anything related to Hitler) What makes this show much more powerful and fascinating is its host Terry Schappert.  Terry is a Green Beret, a member of one of the most elite military organizations in the entire world. This gives him a very different take on the subject than the standard professors and experts they get to narrate and host.  (Not that the professors do a bad job of necessarily)  Over and over Schappert shows that for him the bonds of brotherhood inherent in any warrior culture are just as important as tactics and armaments, something that is lost in more analytical depictions of war.  More than once he seems to get a bit misty eyed, for example when the Japanese Sensei known throughout Japan as the finest living swordsmen (to the point that everyone calls him by the honorific of sensei or teacher) gifted him with a wooden bokken for luck in his upcoming deployment.  The most amazing thing is, when this happens it is about the manliest thing I have ever seen on television.

The other great feature of the series is that they just aren’t talking about these cultures, but are experiencing them.  Over this season Terry has helped make Spartan swords, trained in many different fighting styles, and even been tattooed in the warrior tradition of the Hawaiian islands, making him a representative of that tradition.  Of course full attention is paid to detail and accuracy, and time is spent going over the events surrounding the great battles (and duels) or each society.

Unfortunately the season is done and History doesn’t seem to be airing any repeats.  It is however available on iTunes.  With this one I am actually confident enough that you’ll like the series to suggest you get an episode off of iTunes and give it a try.  The cultures covered over the season are more than varied enough to cover most any interest, from Spartans and Samurai to Zulu warriors and the Alamo Scouts (WWII predecessor to the Green Berets)

Seriously, this the best show I have seen on the History Channel.

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