(In)Famously, shockingly good

OK, I finally finished the demo download and today managed to get around to picking up the controller. Work doesn’t half interfere with my playtime!

Anyways, Infamous isn’t a game I’d normally play but I’m willing to give anything a go. I prefer close combat games to point, aim & shoot – give me a sword over an AK-47 any day.

The game fires up with the obligatory opening sequence. A world, a city, all is quiet then… You know the drill. The catastrophe in this case is some type of electrical fireball spreading throughout the city. Crime & mayhem ensue. A man lies in his hospital bed narrating the sequence of horrific events.

In the aftermath there is (surprise, surprise) a plague and the total breakdown of society as it once was. In a last ditch attempt to contain infection and anarchy the city is sealed off leaving the unfortunates imprisoned with roaming gangs and death at every turn.

The man is still in his hospital bed and discovering his new talent, the ability to harness electrical energy and use it for good or evil. </end of intro scene>

The controls are pretty standard, move, aim, fire, melee and so on. As the game progresses you receive more instructions on how to use your different abilities through the controller.

Your first task is to move a train that holds hostages and may hold a friend too. There is a dominatrix talking in your ear with constant nagging instructions – sometimes helpful and sometimes you wish you could tell her to shut the hell up, “I know I have to charge the damn box but hey there’s these guys shooting at me!”

Running and leaping are fun and easy (but I did have it on the ‘easy’ level) and you tend to stick to sides of buildings fairly easily, too easily sometimes as often you just want to jump down and end up moving from one wall to a lampost and so on. Ongoing instructions on your weapons and what to do/where to go make it fairly simple to follow and progress.

Enemies are outlined in red to make them easy to spot and you can recharge your electric powers at many outlets such as traffic lights. As a driver I found knocking out the power to traffic signals very satisfying.

Unfortunately it is all to easy to kill yourself if you stay around for an explosion like I tend to do – I must learn to be like Monty Python’s Knights and ‘run away, run away’.

To round up, I can see this being an enjoyable game with enough differences to make it interesting. I wouldn’t buy it but that’s just because I don’t play this genre. You however should try the downloadable demo and give it a shock, I mean shot.

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  1. Heh. If I come into money indeed! I’d love to get a PS3 for not only the games but the blu-ray player involved. Currently I only really game on my PC with forays into DS and PSP territory.


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