White Label Space takes the principles of web 2.0 to the freaking Moon

Please join me in welcoming the newest and perhaps most original participants in the Google Lunar X-prizeWhite Label Space.  In essence, this team consists of a bunch of international  space professionals (don’t we live in a cool age?) who are taking the rogue spirit of making money off of the web and throwing that ideal at the Moon.  In a quite literal sense.

White Label Space – White Label Space is an upcoming brandless Moon 2.0 space technology start-up consisting of international space professionals. Join us on our journey as we compete in the Google Lunar X PRIZE. Our Mission is to provide brandless space missions to anyone that has a viable business plan.

Taking the principles of Web 2.0 marketing & monetisation to the next level.

Okay, I’m down with that.  I’ve been saying all along, through countless conversations where I corner friends, and later across several blogs that what’s going to really get us humans into space is money.  Cold, hard cash.  It’s not to me the ideal reason to get into space but I’ve given up on space for the sake of pure knowledge and adventure.

Pure knowledge and adventure simply doesn’t pay the bills.  So I’ve gotten behind the space for $$$ movement one hundred percent.  Quite frankly, I don’t care what gets a viable human presence in space so long as it does not involve fraud, murder or other less than savory moralistic underpinnings.


The folks at WLS have summed it up nicely I think:

We have no particular brand or nationality, and we are willing to work with anyone to make our vision a success. Therefore, we decided to create the first “White Label” space mission – ready to accept the brand image of a powerful sponsor with the vision and courage to create a profound and enduring legacy by becoming the first private company to land on the moon.

Give us money and we’ll put your advertisement in Space.  Not the most noble of reasons but guess what – if it gets a rover onto the moon to do a bit of prime time reconnaissance, I’m all for it!  Let’s dispense with the delays, dispense with the budget sessions in congress, dispense with government squabbling and just get off this rock, all right?

Time and again the driving force behind exploration and discover has been business.   There is a vast potential to make money off world.  From mining various planets and asteroids to zero gravity manufacturing to tourism.  The money is here and it will get us out there.  When the returns surpass the expenses for the first time I’ll be jumping up and down in front of that boring old chart like a mad man.  Why?  Because as soon as those with the money see a good chance at profit they’ll be all over off world ventures which means we’ll be off world. Finally.

It frustrates me that we’ve had the technology to do this since the 60s and after our initial PR fueled thrust into space, we just up and forgot about it.  Sure there are issues to take care of at home.  I’m of the opinion though that we can’t concentrate on just one area.  There will always be issues at home as long as we’re a race of people who can tolerate war, famine and poverty these issues will not be resolved.  I don’t see that changing soon despite the best efforts of many to do so.

So let’s also look to the next frontier and spark our interests in exploration, technology, science and good old pure profit.  I honestly can’t see any negatives to exploring our solar system – particularly if it’s done in a way that will provide jobs, investment opportunities and private funding for labs to get research done.

Thanks White Label Space for taking an origianl stance in the space race and inspiring others to compete against you.  Through competition we’ll find a winner and through winning the Lunar X Prize, we’ll get ourselves back to the Moon, probably before NASA does.  In doing so we’ll reestablish our tiny foothold on off planet exploration and move forward.

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