Wildest Nightmares

It all started with new discoveries in Quantum Theory, something that only a few select geniuses in the world could even begin to approach understanding the very basics. “These were the building blocks of the universe,” they told us, “with these we can be greater than any civilization that ever existed or will exist.” That was our undoing.

At first the machine that literally made our wildest dreams come true made for a spectacular world; hunger ended, quick, efficient interstellar travel became a reality. People became superheroes, immensely rich, and nothing, absolutely nothing would be out of humanity’s reach. I don’t understand how the machine works, I know that it does. It was our greatest achievement and greatest failure. All that was necessary was to dream it, and that will be our downfall.

I am in our last citadel along with the last remainder of humankind. What we forgot was that with dreams, there comes nightmares. The machine that wrought these nightmares still works and protects us within our walls, our shield world, so long as no one imagines anything that could breach

[tags]Literature, short fiction[/tags]

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