Blood Bowl Star Players and one line about my experience with the game.

Focus today released four new screenshots for their upcoming Blood Bowl game.  I am wholly and completely excited for this game!  Why?  Well first it’s Blood Bowl (the only version of football I’m even remotely interested in) and second I got to play it for a bit!  I can’t say much but I can tell you that if you liked the original board game, you’re going to really  like the video game.

At least, the bits that I got to fool about with.

Star Players are kick-ass, hirelings in the BB world.  They’re expensive but usually worth it.  They come in several flavors too!

Blood Bowl’s Star Players make their triumphant entry on the field! Cyanide and Focus Home Interactive are pleased to offer you new exclusive images from Blood Bowl – starring Griff Oberwald, the Human Star Player, Varag Ghoul-Chewer, the Orc champion, Jordell Freshbreeze, the Elven celebrity and finally Grashnak Blackhoof, the terrifying Minotaur.

True living legends in the world of Blood Bowl, Star Players are veteran, experienced players of the game. Offering their services only to teams whose treasury is big enough to afford them, their astronomical fees are justified by their astounding efficiency on the field. Able to turn a match upside down all by themselves, they prove to be real assets for the team that hired them… and a real threat for the opposition!

These Star Players will be available for hire along with other legendary players in the Blood Bowl game on PC & Consoles.

An ultra-violent mix of Warhammer Fantasy and American football, Blood Bowl allows players to create the ultimate “fantasy” sports teams. Coaches can build bone-crushing teams of Orcs, Wood Elves, Humans, Dwarfs and many more fantastic creatures – then throw them into the stadium for the ultimate blood sport! Blood Bowl is strategic, action-packed and violent, requiring coaches to use their best tactics, team design – and a dose of pure ruthless bloodlust always helps too!

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4 thoughts on “Blood Bowl Star Players and one line about my experience with the game.

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  1. Gaming is my passion. When it comes to acing games, I am mad about it all. My most favorite game in racing is Need For Speed Most Wanted. It is an awesome game. It’s graphycs and music, all the things going with plan. Really a good one in racing.


  2. No blood and ultra violence, nor evil treachery or sin, like the original IP, just silly comical kiddy imagery. I love Blood Bowl, but they’ve taken out the blood and gore to censor it like all most stupid games produced these days. I’ll give it a pass. It’s going straight to the bargain bin for it’s deliberate immaturity. Imagine Mortal Kombat without the fatalities and blood. Instant Fail


  3. Damien, try playing or seeing something firsthand before you say anything about it as your comment is completely ignorant. Not only is there blood in this game it even stays on the field during the entire match such as when you injure or kill another player. I dont know how you got the idea “blood and ultra-violence” was missing from the game but it is in there. I played the tabletop for years in high school and have been playing this version on PC for a couple of weeks. It is exactly like playing tabletop (minus a few armies but hopefully they will be added) only better.


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