X-Men Origins: Wolverine + A Bunch of Random Other People

I went and saw X-Men Origins Friday night at my brother’s insistence. (He bought tickets before asking me to go) I have to admit, as much as I like the X-Men I was worried this fourth movie in a series known for bad one-liners and hit and miss plots would be awful.  Awful it wasn’t, but it could have been much better.

Casting was actually the movie’s strongest point. Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber do a fine job as Wolverine and Sabertooth respectably.  Danny Huston (Stryker) and Kevin Durand (The Blob) do the best with what they’re given.  (Though they aren’t given much)

If only the effects were even near the same level as the actor’s.  Frankly, many of the effects look worse than they did in the 2000 first X-men film, especially Wolverine’s claws.  There is one scene in particular that has Logan checking out his new adamantium claws in a bathroom that is practically painful because of the bad effects.

The main problem the movie has, however, is that in shoehorning as many disparite characters into the film (and many more references) the film not only feels overcrowded, but creates several plot holes with the first three films, and mangles much of what happens in the actual comic books.  I mean, even the old couple who first finds Wolverine after his skeleton upgrade are characters from the comics, though there they are actually super-heroes too.   Gambit is the better example though, as one of the most popular characters Hollywood has been trying to get him in the movies from the start, (and a reference is worked in in X2, his name is on the list of mutants in Styker’s office) but even here it doesn’t really do the character justice.  Yeah it’s cool that Gambit is in the film, and yes he looks great and fights and whatnot, but really the role could have been filled by any generic mutant and it wouldn’t have changed the story in any aprecialbe way.

In the end it feels like this was a movie designed with the hardcore fan in mind, those who will actually recognize the name Deadpool, or those who will recognize the many cameos and refernces.  The problem with that approach is it leaves the casual viewer missing out on a lot of the content, and perhaps even confused by the movie, while the die hards will likely be offended by the many changes to X-men canon.

Sadly, what I thought to be the most interesting parts of Logan’s past, namely his time as a soldier between the Civil War and Vietnam War, is basically a montage sequence for the opening credits. (Though a well done montage sequence) Those experiences would have made for a much more intersting movie, and what we are left with is merely decent.

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