Relax and smell the Flowers on your PS3

Sometimes I don’t want to hack and slash at enemies in a frenetic frenzy of button bashing. Occasionally I want to relax a little – chill out, lay back and space out.

When this mood takes me I find Flower in my game menu (download from PS3 Store) and pick up the sixaxis controller for a hippyish, ecologically sound gaming session.

Initially I gave up on this game after 10 minutes and so did my daughter (who is a better player than me). However, I kept persevering and I suggest you do – it’s worth it.

There are no real instructions with this game apart from ’tilt the controller this way’ and ‘hold any button’ to chase with the wind. I found it confusing a little at first – I am easily confused, it’s my age – but the tip I will pass on is to make your movements slow and gentle, especially during the beginning, until you get the hang of it.

Once I passed that learning milestone I was away.

You control a petal using it to float on the wind and pass over unopened flowers. When passed over the flowers bloom and extra petals join you on your journey. Certain flowers cause more to appear and once you have made them all open your landscape turns green and lush, new ‘levels’ open and you can take your hoard of petals onwards.

I completed the first two levels this evening while my kids watched. My son remarked how relaxing the game and gameplay was – and it is. There’s no rush, if you fly over an unopened flower and miss you simply circle around and aim for it again. The graphics are beautifully simple and it is strangely satisfying to be the catalyst for the rejuvenation of the grasslands.

As each level ends you are taken back to the start point where…oh, I don’t want to spoil it. Suffice to say your efforts are not unrewarded and the drab, grey, dirty city will slowly transform before your eyes.

One gripe – and I have this on many games – you have to complete the level to save. When you’re as time poor as I am I appreciate being able to save when convenient for me 🙂

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  1. I really liked this game. It reminds me of new concept gaming efforts such as FlOw (and I guess that is not too surprizing given FlOw is also from ThatGameCompany and the same female game designer, Jenova Chen) and PixelJunk’s Eden. I think that this trend will be very influential on other independent game developers looking for a new niche and I think this type of game will pull more women into gaming who are currently put off by typical video game violence.


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