Behind the Fringe

Just for the sheer hell of it I wrote my stream of consciousness down while I was watching Fringe the other night. Here are my random thoughts on Episode 12 (series 1 – just in case it gets picked up for another).

Searching for someone who liquefies his victim’s brains.

Can images do that? How did the hand appear out of the screen?

Reminiscent of a Dr Who episode??

STDs can cook your brain – practise safe sex!

Oooh – another body!

Yucky. Liquefied brains everywhere.

How many people lie to the police because they’re afraid their spouse will find out?

Fused platters on HDDs.

Mystery phone calls – you know there’s something gonna be coming up later…

And there we have it. She sneaked a look at a crumpled paper and told agent Dunham.

Ah – a geek’s heaven. Bits of computers, wires and so on all around the room. Looks like my brother’s cellar.

The ‘bad guy’ is questioning spending.

And Olivia’s gotta make a run for it to stop whatever it is from hurting her family. Will she make it in time?

The squealing car tyres, the unanswered mobile, the flashes to the innocent and unaware child.  Mother not watching what her child is doing on the internet – tut tut. Nice touch of the boiling pan on the stove as the child’s brains liquefies.

Ah, Olivia bursts in with the gun and saves the day.

A bit of love interest between sister & co-worker?? Hmmmm? Clueless sister! Doesn’t know her daughter’s brain nearly got fried.

There’s a twist. Luke’s dad is the one.

Fateful question – are you alive in there. Ha ha ha. We knew what was coming.

Mystery woman of the crumpled letter. Old friend of his father. What did dad do to her daughter? Accident eh? The plot thickens (unlike the brains)

Translation – computer virus that affects people – but what about the hand?

Olivia knows who the woman was. Ah, daughter killed in lab fire all those years ago. Should they tell his father?

The last victim. There’s the link. He was married to Luke’s mom (friend of first victim).

No more phone calls – phone disconnected permanently.

Bad guy hassling the interrogation techniques – they don’t know a thing so why in such positions of power?

Trying to see things from the son’s POV. Interrogation techniques.

The photo pressure.


And yes, he is that stupid. Even for a 19yr old.

We’re back to the unresolved issues for the father. Son no / Olivia yes.

Showdown between son & killer father. Bad Guy in the office is gonna try and screw things up. Will Olivia save the day?

Lots of tension shots, she tripped the alarm – torchlight playing over the computers. She sees herself on a monitor and looks closer. A gun appears in the monitor pointed at her head.

The killer’s explanations. Rambling and blaming and all with a gun under his chin.

He watches his program as Olivia tries to stop him. The son finds ? They hear a shot and rush to find Olivia standing over dead killer with brains seeping out.

The analogy – son protecting his father even though he’s done something bad…

Bad Guy is now trying to get even. Olivia’s boss threatens and stands up for her.

The meeting. Letting his father go.

She didn’t want revenge, just to ask about her daughter. To meet the last person to see her.

So how does Olivia do it? Live with the danger and knowledge.

Is something gonna be strange about the daughter?

Drunken confessions on the doorstep? Olivia was right. And the sister appears…

But who does he like?

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