Steel City Con aka Pittsburgh Toy, Comic & Childhood Collectibles Show Attended and Reviewed

I attended the Steel City Convention on Sunday. It’s a biannual convention for toys, comics, and collectibles for the Pittsburgh area. By convention standards it’s a small con that takes place at the Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena and by small I mean it’s measurable. The floor space takes up about half of a standard soccer field, this may sound like a bad thing, but it isn’t. I’d call it intimate.

The location is also a bit weird. You drive down a wooded country lane from off a terribly kept up road, (but that’s PennDot’s fault not the Cons) and sandwiched between a brickyard and a fishing pond. It’s an odd location, but once you get into the building, its neighbors are quickly forgotten.

This is my second visit to the con and I’ve never seen a very long line for any of the celebrities that attend. This can be attested to me going there on the last day, because frankly, I don’t care about meeting celebs anyway and I don’t care about getting things on the first day. I’m all about value, so I show up on the last day when the vendors are disparate to get rid of stock at rock bottom prices.

This time around I really didn’t get that much, nothing caught my eye aside from a box Dune Movie trading cards, a replica Crysknife and a Batzarro (The World’s Worst Detective) for four dollars. Last time I came out better, I’d caught up with Final Crisis for cheap and got a fifty dollar Jack Kirby’s Fourth World hardcover for eight.

The Comic Geek Speak Guys were there as well, along with artist Chad Cicconi. Chad is an amazing artist, and I wanted to get a drawing from him, but I didn’t bring my ATM card and needed the cash I had for gas on the way home. (Chad if you’re reading this, I still want my Rachel Ray drawing. Do you take Paypal?)

Along with the CGS crew there were the incredibly sexy and really cool women of the Steel City Derby Demons. We traded broken collarbone stories, and I showed them X-Rays of my recent injury on my iPhone, but along with my money, I’d left my Vicodin at home and was in a bit of pain, so the conversation was sadly for me pretty short.

There was also a vendor there from the last time that I’d talked to and his Very Good Superman #6 from 1940. I really wish I had the $600 he’s asking for it. Silver Age Marvel fans would have also been in heaven there. I saw early Marvel issues going for $30 and under, with the cheapest being $4.50. I don’t collect Silver Age, but anyone can see the value of that.

The strangest thing about the Con is the lack of bootlegs to be found. This is a great thing and I give kudos to the organizers for it. There was only one bootlegger there, selling Video Game Roms and TV shows ripped from the very heart of Bittorrent for astronomical prices.

The only thing that the Steel City Con lacks are panels, which I don’t go to anyway. I go for the deals and for things that I didn’t know that I wanted, so this con is perfect for people like me, but with just enough celebrities and other attractions to be good for others who want something a little more than just stuff.

All in all, it’s a good show, I really didn’t get anything this time, but I’ll definitely be back in December.

Steel City Con
Chad Cicconi Art
Comic Geek Speak
Steel City Derby Demons

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  1. I’m thinking of going to this convention in August. I’m primarily interested in comics. Are there a lot of comic tables or is it mainly toys.


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