One click to have the most magnificent mount permanently! (It’s a Kung Fu MMORPG)

In what may be one of the more interesting press release titles I’ve seen – one that I had to fish out of the junk email folder – World of Kung Fu announced one click mounts!  Elephants my friends, beautiful kung fu elephants.

Now, your chance is coming! You can get a permanent Giant Elephant by opening a Fortune Box! You don’t think you will be lucky enough? Don’t worry! Soon the Fortune Box will have a promotion week! In addition, many items, like Wish Rings, Transform Card of Kung Fu Fighter and cute looting pets that you are in dire need of will be put in to the Fortune Box!

This press release actually dropped almost a month ago but was lost to other emails that said things like “I press you to accept my 7 million dollars for a bank deposit!”    It wasn’t found until this morning when I saw another press release come in from the folks at World of Kung Fu.

Today they announced the opening of a US server (Seattle based) for this free to play MMORPG.   The server will mount permanently on April 28th so those of us in the US who wish to experience the vastly physical, exercise intensive World of Kung Fu from the comforts of our gaming chair, surrounded by empty soda bottles and old pizza cartons can now do so with less lag and more responsive servers.  Yay!

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