Fallout 3 Patch now available

Bethesda quietly released a patch for Fallout 3 today. The only thing that seems to be in the patch is the achievements for the Broken Steel DLC. If the past two updates are any indication, a release date for Broken Steel, the final DLC should be announced sometime next week.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on this to get you the release date as soon as possible.

Hopefully this DLC won’t have problems similar to the ill fated XBL version of The Pitt.

According to Bethesda expect the following:
Higher level enemies
Level Cap raised to 30
New Armor
New Quest
Altered ending
Six new achievements
and much more

More information can be found at the Fallout wiki:


For those of you who haven’t played the original classic Fallout games, Good Old Games has them DRM free, and for the nice price of $5.99. Be warned though, they’re very different than Fallout 3, but just as, if not more satisfying.

Good Old Games’ Fallout page

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4 thoughts on “Fallout 3 Patch now available

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  1. This patch is also supposed to fixe the VATS problems(the vats based perks had no effect, and the to hit chances were way off) introduced a couple of patches back, plus a few other bugs


  2. “bethesda mirror soooooooooo slow…”

    You got that right! Downloading @ 7,4kb/s = 58 mins, probably more.
    Even I can upload 200x faster than that. So wtf is the problem? Is it too hard to do more mirrors? or use torrents (best option). FIX IT!


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