The Beatles: Rock Band Announced by EA

Remember in Pulp Fiction when Uma Thurman asked John Travolta if he preferred the Beatles or Elvis and how the answer defined a person? I do, and here’s my answer: The Rolling Stones.

I’m the dedicated console gamer here and one of my indulgences is Rock Band. It’s a fun game, it brings people together, and yes, it is glorified karaoke. (98% vocals on Hungry like the Wolf on expert) Also, before you get on my case, I do own a real guitar and amp.

Electronic Arts announced their Beatles expansion coming out under their Rock Band banner and I couldn’t be less enthusiastic. I don’t hate The Beatles, and I can’t say I really like them that much either. My opinion on them is that they’re a generational thing, I wasn’t part of it, and most of the music of the 60s really gets on my nerves due to the naivete that comes with it. (I do enjoy Hendrix and The Doors though)

So why is EA shoveling out a Beatles themed Rock Band expansion with replica instruments? And for $250? I think it’s one part cash grab to the baby boomers and one part surviving family members looking for a new revenue source and cash grabs are what EA and IP heirs are good at. More importantly will this be the only way to get the game? I wouldn’t put it past EA or Yoko.

This is also part of the cult of the Beatles, which I’ve never fully understood to begin with. Why didn’t AC/DC get this treatment? I’m not that much of a fan of them either (They died with Bon Scott if you ask me) but I understand why they got their own expansion; Aerosmith and Metallica also got their own Guitar Hero stand alone games due to their large followings. Why do the Beatles warrant their own special instruments? I just don’t understand it, but then again, I’m a huge fan of Iron Maiden.

For what it’s worth, here’s the link to the official site:

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