Mount & Blade Warband. Mounts, Blades, Multiplayer.

Looks like Mount & Blade is going Multiplayer!  This fantastic game from indieish pubs Tale Worlds features some pretty good medieval style action.  Fight from horseback, use range or close combat weapons and generally set yourself up as a King/Queen.

Here’s some video footage from GDC showing the first public demonstration of multiplayer M&B.


The ability for up to 32 players to play simultaneously on a single map in Team Death-Match style battles.  Faction Rulers A new in-depth system allowing the player to gain followers even as a rebel and to become the ruler of their own faction and recruit Lords as their vassals.

Take a gander at these 10 screen shots if you want to know more about Warband.

War has come down on Calradia  and war attracts its own bunch of misfits. Mercenaries, cutthroats, knights and adventurers flood into the land looking for adventure, fortune and glory. But war is a harsh master. It gives away death and grief to the lot, fortune to a chosen few, and glory, wise men say, to none. Still, men ride to war, for one or other reason. Some because they are looking for thrill and excitement, some because they are desperate and know no other way. Some because they are so bitter and hateful that they are willing to unleash doom on earth… And yet some, because they are the very heroes who will step forward to stop that….

Combining a sophisticated,dynamic game world and intense medieval swordfighting action, Mount&Blade strives to create a game experience never seen before. Playing Mount&Blade, you will venture through a world filled with daring enemies as well as friendly groups that will come to your aid or need yours. In a land torn by constant danger, raids and skirmishes, you will raise and lead your own war band, commanding dozens of hardened soldiers. You will hunt down your enemies following the tracks they leave behind. And you will fight epic battles where arrows cut the air with deadly hisses, axes and swords hack with fury, and horses and men clash into a violent melee.

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