SciFi, Anime DVDs on sale as well as a spring cleaning NewEgg

It’s Friday, which will come to a close for me around 5pm when I hope to be home, plopped squarely in front of my telly, watching movies and drooling slightly.   Here’s some good DVDs cheap as well as a bunch of vacuums ranging from hand held to robotic.

First, the vacuums.  NewEgg of all places is having a spring cleaning sale ranging from free shipping to $$$ off.

Here’s up to 60% off lots of SciFi titles.  Firefly, Buffy, Stargate, X-Files just to name a few.

There’s also a lot of Anime DVDs that are discounted. Good titles as well.

A few other random deals.  Clerks II (you know you want it) for under $7 ain’t bad.  How about a Watchmen Movie Dr. Manhattan 1:6 Scale Figure it’s just $75 in stead of $99.  You’ve got to be a real fan for that one. Blue Dragon Plus for the DS is $10.00 off and only $19.98.

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