Elven Legacy: Turn Based Strategy For Hardcore and Casual Hex Game Lovers

Elven Legacy is a forthcoming title from Paradox Interactive for the PC.  Why is this title looking awesome in the traditional sense of the word?  It’s fantasy, turn based, hex map strategy with a fully fleshed out 3D environment and is designed to fit both casual and hardcore gamers.

You had me at turn based.

While it’s not quite a turn based RPG title that I yearn for so much, I do love a good strategy game.  Hexes were beaten into my forehead by tabletops like Battletech – I’m on familiar ground here.  Yet there’s also a lot of new stuff to be had it seems with this title.  Motion capture was used for much of the character animation which isn’t typical when it comes to war games.  I’m sure it will look damned nice though.  In fact, here’s a quick gallary of screen shots so you can judge.

Now more about that casual/hardcore thing.  From a recent press release:

One of the main goals we set when developing Elven Legacy was to bring wargames closer to players, to make the genre popular not only among hardcore fans but also casual gamers who are not aware of such a wonderful genre as hex-based wargames.

This would have been impossible without a simple and intuitive interface. We already made a rather convenient interface while working on the Fantasy Wars series, but some aspects seemed to be less than ideal. During the development of Elven Legacy’s interface, we turned our attention to those details. After receiving feedback from players, we understood what we needed to take into consideration

This title drops April 7th (Tuesday) in the states and the 9th in Europe.  Right now you can pre-order it as a download for $29.99 from GamersGate or if you’re more into boxes and books, try Amazon for a pre-order.  There’s no mention of Steam unfortunately.

The game also features:

  • Classic turn-based strategy gameplay as seen in such series as Heroes of Might & Magic
  • More than 100 various units in nine arms and five powerful heroes
  • Five playable factions, available for multiplayer combat in 16 scenarios
  • Various game endings which depend on the player’s choices
  • Powerful built-in game editor

If you’d like to see a bit more, here’s a video featuring some in-game footage.


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