Hellion for the PC, Xbox and PS3. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition video game!

What is it with Hell and gaming these days.  First we looked at Dante’s Inferno, now the Inquisition is staring in a new game slated for 2010 from Flying Fish Works in Poland.   While still in the very early stages of it’s public appearences, Hellion I have to admit sounds like a neat concept.

“Hellion: Mystery of the Inquisition” coming on XBOX360, PS3 and PC in 2010. The team is using the latest technology to present an outstanding reality, authentic locations and impressive combats within the 13th century. “Hellion” also represents an epic plot set in a lively medieval world charged with upgradeable exorcisms and uncompromising brutality according to this period.

Okay, I’m sold.  I’m a hobby medievalist with a deep seated need to see replicated medieval environments.  That’s why Assassin’s Creed despite it’s repetition had me from the first trip back in time. Wait. . . upgradeable exorcisms?

As an armed man of the newborn Inquisition, the player will battle heretics, execute exorcisms, face demons and unintentionally become part of a political and religious intrigue. Realizing that all of mankind is standing on the verge of doom, he will have to use all the physical and spiritual abilities he ever acquired to face the fiends of hell and, finally, discover the Mystery of the Inquisition.

Ah….  A bit more clear then.  Who doesn’t like to perform the odd exorcism or throw a few heretics on the old barbie?  Add some demons and the verge of doom and we may have a good game!  Available now is some concept art, which is beautiful by itself.

This looks pretty nice – I’m very interested to see some actual in-game screenshots.  The rest of the press release sounds good as well.  This one is definately a title to keep your eye on.

“Hellion” is an epic journey through different medieval cultures full of real-life characters, wild animals, rough warriors, powerful Templar knights, deadly assassins and, ultimately, horrifying demons.

“Our vision is to create a historical fiction game that will put the player in the center of the medieval world, full of its cruelty, intransigence and diversified beliefs. In this ruthless reality, the player will become an eyewitness of great political machinations, unseen brutality and betrayal. He will pave his way to the truth just to find that it is more horrible and dreadful than anyone could imagine.” says Simon Grabowski, CEO at Flying Fish Works.

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