Dungeon Party goes into open beta – releases a video staring the Magician

Cyanide have launched an open beta of their free to play MMO Dungeon Party.  you can get in on the beta here.    In Dungeon Party, you join a team of adventurers competing with other players throughout a dungeon.  This dungeon is also populated by monsters (including bosses and mini-bosses) who drop experience and treasure.  Traps add a little spice as well.


The game looks humorous and cartoony which may or may not be a good thing.  Judge for yourself with the below six screenshots.

After a few months of closed beta testing, Dungeon Party is now ready to open its Beta to the whole World. In order to celebrate this event, Cyanide and Focus Home Interactive are proud to present a new trailer video, focusing on the first of the characters you are able to play in the game: the Wizard. You will discover in this video some of the skills and specialities of this versatile Hero.

Dungeon Party is a free PC online game developed by Cyanide and based on team play. Plunge into a wild heroic-fantasy universe and play against each other in teams of heroes across dungeons filled with deadly traps and monsters to try and collect the treasures they hold. In Dungeon Party you can create and customize your character with different costumes and objects. A holiday-making sorcerer, a thief straight out of a night club, or a gothic hangman…all styles are possible! Each player can equip his character with different objects and weapons before the battle against opponent teams starts.

You’ll have to develop your character through the matches and carefully choose which spells and skills could help the best your team. In order to spice up the game, deadly traps and hunted creatures are scattered throughout the dungeons. These creatures won’t make any difference between the teams and protect their treasures with a lot of zeal. Kill monsters will give you more experience points which allow you to buy faster new spells. Bosses and mini-bosses will be harder to beat but will also give you a greater amount of points and, most of all, will help you to seduce the Chest.

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