IPhone 3.0 Event: So much stuff I don’t care about, so little I do

Apple unveiled 3.0 for iPhone today, and I am underwhelmed by it for a number or reasons. I have two, a first generation iPhone I’ve had since day one, and a black 3G version I’ve had since December. IPhone has been, by leaps and bounds my favorite handset and the only real complaints about it are the billing prices with AT&T. After a few months of having my first, and they were still relatively new, I showed it to a co-worker and told him that I really didn’t use much of what was on the phone, until I started pointing out to myself during that little demo that I had, I had in fact used almost everything that shipped with it. (This was months before the app store)

I love my iPhone even more now with the app store. I can now carry the complete works of Shakespeare with me wherever I go thanks to a free app. (I’m holding out for a free Chaucer app in all its Middle English glory) iPhone is an amazing device, and yes, there are comparable devices out there, I just don’t use them. With the 3.0 conference today we learned that it is getting the following sometime this summer:

Copy and Paste
Push notification
Wireless sharing
Turn by turn directions
Et cetera

Copy and Paste:
It seems that many people have been clamoring for these for years, but I don’t know anyone who does outside the internet. I’ve never had to use copy and paste on my phone, and I probably never will. I really don’t see what the big deal about this is, I send email on my iPhone every now and again, but I have never written anything so substantial that I needed to break out the copy pasta and I do use my phone for business. This is what my laptop is for anyway.

I liked the fact that iPhone didn’t have MMS on it. I have friends who send the MMS version of FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: emails that everyone hates pretty regularly, like on a daily basis, several times a day. I don’t think I’m going to let them know about this development. MMS is really just a waste of bandwidth if you ask me, and this is coming from someone who’d rather text than talk.

Push notification:
Facebook notifying me via email that one of my frat brothers is gloating to me about sitting behind home plate at the Pirates game is enough, now I’m going to get it coming on my phone that’s going to look exactly like a text message. I’m praying for an off switch for this simply because I can see this getting confusing, fast.

Wireless sharing:
I have two iPhones, it might be fun for some of the multiplayer games that are planned and Livefire, the iPhone’s upcoming FPS (expect a review when it does drop) will definitely allow a friend who doesn’t have one to enjoy it with me, but I don’t see myself using it any other way. Useless to me.

Turn by turn directions:
This is the most contentious for me, because I find it insulting on an intellectual level and the technology is so pervasive for it. I can read a map, I can plan ahead so much that I can keep a list of streets and when I should turn onto them in my head. I could see it being useful in an unknown city, but Google Maps already gives me driving directions and it’s a native iPhone app that’s always been there. If you can’t plan ahead you probably shouldn’t be driving somewhere anyway. Tom-Tom no.

The bottom line for the 3.0 event today was that this was a business meeting. I HATE BUSINESS MEETINGS WITH THE FIRE OF A MILLION EXPLODING SUNS. Very little was said, very little was actually shown that would be useful that isn’t already there. Steve Jobs wasn’t there and there was nothing really revolutionary shown today. I’ll never understand why people get all worked up about these things, they’re boring and pretentious and if they really don’t have that much to show, Apple really shouldn’t be holding these events, they’re pointless to anyone other than hardcore Apple fans and the stockholders.

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