Land of Magic Open Beta starts today

The fine folks over at Korea’s Lizard Interactive have let me know that their Land Of Magic (LOM) Live Beta is now open.

Here’s there press release:

Seoul, Korea – March 11, 2009 – Lizard Interactive Company has announced
that OPEN BETA TEST will officially start as scheduled on March 12, 2009 PST. In
order to avoid heavy traffic expected on the opening day, OPEN BETA will start
00:00 hour PST (Pacific Standard Time). 

Lizard Interactive has prepared several cool events especially for Open Beta
users. Anyone who reach Level 20 will have chance to win I-POD. In game Quiz
event will be held for all to win unique game items. Double EXP, Double Item
Drop Events will be specially held for first opening weekend. 

“Land of Magic” provides many interesting game features which clearly stand
out compared with existing MMO. Instead of following standard rules of current
MMO, “Land of Magic” took different path to be original.

Fast Level Up! 
No more spending 5 days for leveling up your character by 1. Compared to other
games, The Land of Magic has unusually fast leveling up speed. 

When a character reaches the highest possible level, the character may choose
to reborn with another profession. In the System of Immortality, players can
take all of their learned skills from their last profession to the new

There are many more interesting features. Mentioning them all would be a
spoiler. It is advised to try this new concept 2D MMORPG “Land of Magic”. If
you think this game is 2D and old school, well think again. As you proceed with
a game, you will find yourself amazed with massive contents and special features
you have never experienced before. 

It is free to play and requires optimized system requirement. It truly is a
game for all to enjoy.

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