The Alien Within: or how I came a smidge away from an extremely short, extremely bad time.

I haven’t been very active on the site lately and as it turns out I actually have a good excuse.

Gangrenous Appendicitis.

Or in terms I could understand more, in a short order my appendix became inflamed, strangled off it’s own blood supply and then died inside me, playing host to all kinds of nasty little beasties intent on a free lunch at my expense.

Going in to surgery with a 103.3 temp was not fun but certainly necessary.  I actually felt good comparatively waking up in the recovery area, surrounded by nurses and doctors and with no real fever to speak of.   Good until the OR nurse walked by said “That was a nasty one and I’ve been doing this a long time, you’re a lucky man.”  Gulp.  My brain has been throwing images at me of blackened, swollen appendixes in my gut ever since.  Google has been no help either.

The next morning the general surgeon wandered into my room and told me the same thing.  I was on lots of hard core antibiotics – just finished them actually, to make sure that those little alien bacteria and single celled nasty things could not multiply and prosper.   That’s when I also found out I had 9 metal staples in my stomach.  Good times.

The staples are still there, I’m feeling a bit better if not still a little weak around the edges and I hope to become progressively more active on Troll in the Corner over the next week.   A big thanks to Joe for getting interesting articles published while I was various shades of green and to Ken for joining us.


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