Classic Video Arcade Recordings – 1982 to 1988. My childhood in a flash MP3 player. has posted a fascinating archive of digitized sounds.   round about 1982 or so the owner of the site started bringing a cassette recorder to the arcade and just recording game play.  It’s great because you get something we’ll probably never have again – the sound of multiple games going on at the same time.  Lines of 7 foot tall cabinets, quarters in a line, kids in a line, all the noise and excitement.

In November of 1982 my best friend had a Sony TCS-310 Stereo Cassette Recorder. Audio cassette tape was the affordable recording medium at the time and one wintery day while on our way to the arcade ‘Just Fun’ in Ithaca, NY, we came up with the idea to record video game sounds in the arcades.

We recorded our video game experiences from 1982 until 1988 in a variety of locations on the east coast. Most of the recordings come from Ithaca, NY, Albany, NY and Ocean City, MD. Other locations include Lancaster, PA, Falmouth, MA, Rehoboth Beach, DE and Key West, FL.

I vividly remember being a kid and the local arcade (Fun & Games) would give $5 in quarter tokens for ever A grade and $2 for a B.  Good times.

Photo from the above linked site.

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