New Fallout 3 Patch is Out. The Pitt DLC to Follow Soon?

Good news Wastelanders! A new patch for Fallout 3 is ready for you to download, though it doesn’t fix anything, but does get the PC and Xbox 360 (sorry PS3 users) ready for the new DLC, The Pitt. Expect four new achievements, one hundred points in total, new weapons, new armors, new enemies and of course, new perks. No date has been set for the release, but if the patch for Operation: Anchorage is any indication it should be ready for download within the next two weeks.

Here are the four new achievements, courtesy of the Fallout Wiki:

Into The Pitt: 20 points

Unsafe Working Conditions: 20 points

Free Labor: 40 points

Mill Worker: 40 points

I’m personally looking forward to Fallout 3: The Pitt since it’s set in my neck of the woods. I’ve been following it pretty closely because of it and Operation: Anchorage fell pretty flat with me and really didn’t feel like Fallout at all. The best part of it was finding the Winterized T-51b power armor, the other goodies lying around after completion, and probably the best Easter egg, a terminal that explains why it doesn’t feel like Fallout as sort of a pseudo-apology. Now if they could just add some new 3Dog vocal tracks and new songs.

More to follow as information becomes available.


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