Dear Valve and Microsoft: Fix Xbox 360 Team Fortress 2!

8,997,957 points as a Spy in on the Xbox 360 version of Team Fortress 2 is listed as my record for most damage caused in a single life before being killed. Contrast this with my other selected stats: 63 points for destruction (as a Heavy), 27 points (as a Sniper) and you can see that there is a problem. I got this ridiculously high score because Team Fortress 2 has been hacked and Valve and Microsoft seem to be doing little about it. While the PC version has been getting a lot of love in the form of updates and balancing tweaks from its publisher, we in console land are getting the cold shoulder.

I have been playing TF2 for over 15 months, and just about two months ago I started playing again after a long hiatus. What I found were hacked games, fun at first, but now just annoying, and it gets worse because after I play one of these games, my console becomes “infected” with the hack as well. Sometimes you don’t even know you’re playing a hacked map until it’s too late, like when I got my nine million point kill and if I decide to host a game afterward, I will be carrying on this altered version of the game as well as infecting the console of all those who join my server. Turning my Xbox off and restarting remedies this, but I shouldn’t have to do this to begin with.

I play console games because of my perceived notion that I won’t have to deal with this type of thing when I play online. This has been going on for a few months and Microsoft and Valve doesn’t seem to care about it or the XBL TF2 community. We’re 94,648 players strong, if the leaderboard count is to be believed, a tiny fraction of the Halo and Gears of War communities sure, but let me tell you, compared to those two groups, we’re the Algonquin Round Table of Xbox Live. Valve keeps dangling a carrot in front us with all these updates and fixes, promising that Xbox will get them too. I’ve been reading about that for over a year, the most recent being early December of last year.

Honestly, I don’t care about the weapons updates, I think TF2 is perfectly fun as it is, that’s why I keep coming back to it, but the new weapons would be nice. I do care about the incessant hacking that’s bringing down the game and ruining the fun for the rest of us. Sure at first it was kind of cool, but now I suspect that hacking is being abused to affect the leaderboard. My score is 95, I’m ranked 9626th, and the top player has 4095 along with four others. I don’t see how this is possible without hacking the game; these numbers are not realistic and need to be looked at. Please, anyone at Valve or Microsoft if you are reading this: FIX THE HACKING PROBLEM IN TEAM FORTRESS 2. Because you do it for Halo all the time Microsoft, and Valve, you do it for PC.

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  1. Welcome to being a Valve fan. Now wait. Then wait some more. Then wait. Wait again. Then lose track, for a while then get excited again and realize that you have to wait some more. Then finally, FINALLY enjoy quality products.


  2. It will never be fixed. The same problem exists on the PC and player stats get permanently messed up. Players have been nagging for over a year about at least being able to reset stats that are borked but the only times Valve answered it was just a straight “no”.


  3. I have found that Microsoft and Valve tend to do things like this quite often. I believe the reasoning is this: OK we have their money already since they just bought the game…so why spend $xxxx amount of money to fix the errors that it has if people are going to buy it anyway.


  4. And this is why you don’t purchase PC games on your shitty console, instead of using your computer to blog use it to play TF2


  5. Some people will just do anything to win. I really don’t understand the point of being on top if you cheated to get there. It is just like playing sports games against the person that always wants to pick the all star team. Where is the challenge in that?


  6. Yeah hadn’t played tf2 on the box for almost 6 months. Went on there this past weekend and was highly disappointed in the amount of hacked games. I literally could not find one normal game. You’d think Valve or Microsoft would just release a patch already. How long has this problem been going on?!


  7. I’ve noticed this too, and although I’m not a devoted player of TF2 since it isn’t exactly the most competitive of games, the hacking has completely turned me away from playing the game again. Valve won’t do anything because it’ll cost them money. It’s all about money money money money money.

    If they care more about money than implementing problems that have been growing rampant for months so their customers will keep coming back then they can kiss my rear. For that you won’t expect me to be buying anymore of their games.


  8. I am tired of buying games that Valve produced.
    I used to love Team Fortress 2, but now, with all of the bugs and glitches, it gets hard to play a real game.
    And in all honesty, I think the PlayStation 3 version of The Orange Box needs an update far more than the 360 version.
    Every single glitch that Valve originally put into the game is still active!
    Example: I can still sap sentries through walls, I can still back stab while invisible, I can still jump through some walls, I can still store critical hits and use them later and I can still do soooo much more!
    The 360 version also has a Still Kill Cam, while the PS3 version has a video.

    I still use both versions, I even like my PS3 version just as much as my 360 version. Why? It’s not because I think they are both equal, or that they both have the same amount of funtastic goodness, it’s because the PS3 version is meant for doing glitches! And since I love doing glitches, I like the PS3 version!

    The reason why Valve or Microsoft hasn’t updated the game yet is because of money!
    They have our money, so why update? Why would they ever make their customers happy?
    I should change my name to Wii Pay instead of Wii Play because it appears as Wii Pay more than Wii Play! (Pun intended)


  9. I’ve been playing the console version of TF2 for the 360; Can’t say much about hackers, having encountered very little of them, but I don’t see the Weapons/Maps/Game Modes/Game updates coming at all. Valve recently stated (After the WAR! update) that although only the Engineer needs an update now, they have around a dozen more update for the game. So, to conclude, I don’t believe for a second that the update is even coming in 2010.


  10. TF2 for Xbox live is the single most hacked game on xbox. It is IMPOSSIBLE to play at night time without hitting at least one hacked game. The most popular hacks aren’t cool shit like gravity, but cheap hacks for individual players like auto-crit and health hacks.

    Some of the most obnoxious players who talk the most crap like they’re big shit are actually the cheapest players who hack the most. Most notoriously, and everybody knows this clown: Merry Go Drown.

    This dude talks so much smack, but can’t play a legitimate game. Then there’s WordtoBigBird who is a pathetic-ass hack but at least he rarely talks. These dudes are on for hours ever flipping night and never, ever play a legitimate game. Just patch the flipping game already.


    1. If you actually knew either one of them, you’d know they don’t hack. You want hackers, look at TeenageGnome, UnrealSkybox, TF2 Dance Party, or some other.

      You’re just butthurt that you got your ass kicked.


  11. That is so funny!! I NEVER hack games! EVER! Wouldn’t even know how to start!! But anyway, it does give credibility to the theory that you are indeed butthurt. Why don’t you put your gamertag on your post, “Johan”? I did!! BTW Johan is a funny enough name, I guess.


  12. Just skimming for tf2 hacks and found this hilarious thread…

    I have played with Merrygodrown and I can confirm that he very well may be a cheater. He may also be very good, but I’ve played with him many times both as a teammate and opposing and it has been talked about many times over team chat that he hacks.

    I’ve even spoken to him before and I’ve watched him go off and rant at a little kid. Regardless of whether or not you cheat (maybe you don’t), you’re kind of a douchebag.



  13. Instead of getting mad, how about you make friends and get some good tips so you can win too? Relax, friend and have a good time 🙂


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