10 New Blood Bowl screen shots – Elves and Chaos.

It’s official, I can’t wait for this game to hit the shelves (or digital distribution methods).  Here’s 10 more screenshots featuring the last two races, Elves and Chaos, followed by a press release.  It looks like this game is going to be available on just about every platform known to man.  I’ll assume the screen shots are from a high end PC though.

Cyanide and Focus Home Interactive are pleased to reveal this exclusive set of new screenshots taken from Blood Bowl, the video game adapted from Games Workshop’s famous board game.

The imaginary forerunner of football, Blood Bowl is an ultra violent team sport based on the Warhammer world. It lets players compose a team of Orcs, Elves, Humans, Dwarves and many others fantasy creatures before jumping into the bloodiest arenas. The sport game is both strategic and violent. It requires tactics, a certain amount of game-sense and a lot of self-confidence.

Now we can reveal the two last races in the game. After the Orcs and the Humans, the Dwarves and the Lizardmen, the Goblins and the Skavens, today is the day for the Wood Elves and the Chaos to show themselves and compete on a field already covered with blood from previous plays!

Wood Elves teams are very elegant and fair play in their game. They are very specialized with distinctive positions for each role. Fragile and yet agile, Wood Elves give priority to evasive tactics in order to avoid confrontation and score without using any violence.

But don’t get this wrong, Elves won’t pull back before a fight if they have to; Wardancers know how to stop pesky foes. Last but not least, Elves can count on valuable help from Treemen. Their strength and sturdiness have no match, but Treemen have a bad tendency of taking root in the middle of the field during the game!

Chaos teams use a totally different game style than the Elves teams. They have a limited concept of fair play and don’t care very much about the ball… at least, not if someone is still standing in the other team. To sum up their game philosophy, let’s say that some Chaos teams count points in numbers of victims instead of actual touchdowns.
Their teams are composed of warriors and beasts that are corrupted by the power of Chaos, privileging brute strength and contact, trying to eliminate every adversary before scoring. When opponents are a little bit more resistant than expected, Chaos teams line up wild Minotaurs whose bestiality would make any other team shudder. However, be careful, Minotaurs are only honorary Blood Bowl “players”; they are totally uncontrollable and seldom follow their coach’s orders.

Both teams are waiting for you to play in highly contested games in 2009.

Blood Bowl is currently in development and will come out on PC, Xbox 360 and on Nintendo DS and PSP handheld systems.

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