EA goes to Hell. With Dante’s Inferno. I find this ironic.

Let me quote to you the first bit of EA’s press release on their forthcoming title Dante’s Inferno:

An abducted soul, a lifetime of sins, a journey to the depths of despair.

My sentiments exactly when it comes to EA.  After decades of using EA products from Electronic Arts right up to the massively infested, disappointing Spore, I’m almost done with EA.  I find their opening line in the press release very ironic.  If any single computer program deserves to be in Hell, it’s SecuROM, and the folks who use it to install  software that’s intrusive and can’t be removed on my computer should be following right behind them.

Things changes a bit when EA announced they’d be releasing titles under Steam.  Yes, Steam is DRM but it’s DRM implemented in a moderate way that I can live with.

So, for what it’s worth, here’s a few screen shots from EA’s new title, Dante’s Inferno.  It’s a 3rd person adventure in which the protagonist (judging from the video) is a life long sinner who sort of volunteers on his journey to hell.  Looks like he’s chasing after his lady friend who appears as a white apparition snatched up by the bad guys.

It could lead to some interesting game play, in which the player character’s past (and possibly currently accrued?) sins can be used against him.  Looks like a cross between God of War and Diablo which may not be a bad thing.

I’m a bit excited about a bit of litterary history as cool as Dante’s hell delving epic poem is being converted into a game.  Much like the Three Kingdoms game I looked at yesterday, here’s some honest to gosh literature being adapted and given to a new, young audience.   Maybe it will even get someone to read the original work.  If you’re interested there are lots of great, free resources online.

If you want to see more, check out the video here.


It’s also available in HD via YouTube.

Just keep in mind that this property is an EA property and will come with all of the past and present EA sins ready and waiting to install themselves on your pristine, angelic computer.

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12 thoughts on “EA goes to Hell. With Dante’s Inferno. I find this ironic.

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  1. Inferno is part of the Divine Comedy, so I hope this is a joke, and if it isn’t this will be filed as the biggest misinterpretation of Dante ever recorded. I feel dumber for having watched it.

    Also, what’s the deal with bastardizing public domain classics? Super Canterbury Story Trip RPG anyone?


  2. Either my eyes aren’t what they used to be, or you fixed all the spelling errors I could find. The most glaring one was “single” to “singel”

    Also, if we forget that this game is going to wipe it’s ass with the works of Dante, we might actually enjoy it. It’s a good thing that EA is experimenting with new IPs, I think. That SecuROM thing will be no major issue if they keep on releasing stuff on Steam.


  3. Okay, ya got me on that one mistake. Which I did correct. I do also run these articles through spell checkers but I was writing that one in a hurry and just missed it.

    The game looks interesting and Steam is certainly a viable option. I’m still not to happy with EA on the whole though. The fact that they do use SecuROM despite what it can do to their paying customers, and how they treat their employees both factor into my personal dislike of the current business.

    That’s just me though. If EA posted a press release today saying that they were eliminating their DRM in all current and future titles I’d probably start buying them again.

    But they will not do that.


  4. This is true. I guess none of them have ever tried uninstalling SecuROM. It represents a part of their corporate philosophy that I don’t cotton to at all.

    Depending on how the new, DRM-free Prince of Persia does, and how EA reacts to this, SecuROM may, in time, become a relic of the past. After that, all God’s children will sit at one table in equality. And there will be unicorns.

    But, hey, the’re improving on game content. Sure, Mirror’s Edge was kind of a letdown, but, like what Yahtzee said, it’s a good thing it exists. Who knows what they might be capable of if they keep taking chances, and maybe stop counting on franchises like “Madden” so much.


  5. Oh, and I apologize for being a bit anal about spelling. You’re producing good writing, and I should stop shuddering at every misplaced letter I see.


  6. Sorry for being a bit anal about the spelling. You’re producing good work, and I should stop shuddering every time I see a letter out of place. God knows I’ve done much worse.


  7. No worries on the spelling – unless you want to become my editor. 🙂 Mostly it’s a ‘rushing through on my lunch break’ kinda thing.

    I do appreciate EA taking chances – if it doesn’t help them it will certainly help the rest of the industry. Competition is good. I’m interested to see how this will all play out in a few years time.


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