Quake Live is Live! (and packed!)

Quake Live is online and ready for you to play, but the line is pretty long to get in. I’m currently sitting at 34,331th place, so I don’t think I’ll be able to get on tonight. It should be interesting for me, I’ve only played one FPS on the PC, Marathon: Durandal and that was just the demo, so I think I might a fresh perspective coming from an almost strictly console background. I’ll have some more in depth coverage just as soon as I can get on to play.


I finally got in to play and here is my first impression:

The wait was long, somewhere around 45 minutes to get in. Which is short when you consider the amount of people playing. The really bad part about it is that when you do make it to the head of the line, you are asked to download an app for your browser to run the software, which you have to shut down and restart once you are finished downloading. Once you do that, you are kicked back in line again, in my instance I was placed somewhere in the low 11,000s and another half hour wait to play. I’m really not complaining because this is a free browser based game, but the impatient should beware.

Gameplay: I really need to get a mouse. I played through the tutorial with the touchpad and developed a primitive technique to fire and strafe at the same time that was not very effective, but allowed me to frag the virtual coach, Crash, much better than once I got coordinated. For some reason I did not have any sound in my game, this may be an issue with my sound card or Firefox, I’m not entirely certain, so it may just be my machine. The sensitivity is much higher than console FPSs such as the Halo series, so all my console buddies out there should keep that in mind.

Variety: I only played through the tutorial match and there was a wide variety of weapons to choose from and all of them were a joy to use, albeit frustrating considering my background in gaming.

Overall impression: This is a really fun game that I’m kicking myself for not playing before. I’ll be buying a usb mouse at lunch tomorrow so I can get the most out of this one. Loving it so far! It’s free, so there is no reason for you to not be playing.

Issues: The sound which I’ve already addressed, and when I tried to exit out I had difficulties, but again, this just may be Firefox 3 which on Vista seems to be the Faberge Egg of browsers, beautiful but extremely delicate.

For now I can be found on Xbox Live playing Team Fortress 2 or Left 4 Dead (I just got it yesterday, so be gentle) under the gamertag Pavlovs Cat.

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