Catch a preview of some of 2009’s hottest movies here

After the Oscars last night (and go Heath!) there was a quick rundown of a few of the hot properties in movieland that will grace the theaters and beg for your $10+ a ticket.  With one notable exception there’s some good stuff and some mediocre stuff coming down the pike to us.

Here’s the list, followed by the previews themselves all in one handy little youtube movie.  I’ve italicized the ones I’ll be Netflixing and bolded those I’ll actually try and see in the theater.

Sherlock Holmes
Funny People
Taking of Pelham 1 2 3
Public Enemies
Julie & Julia
The Soloist
Terminator Salvation
500 days of Summer
Whatever Works
Inglorious Bastards
Night at the Museum 2
Monsters VS Aliens
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Angels & Demons
Old Dogs
Ice Age: Dawn of The Dinosaurs
The Boat that Rocked
An Education
State of Play
Imagine That

What will you be seeing and/or renting?


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