Dollhouse. I give it a D+

Premise: Sci-fi drama about elite secret agents with programmed personalities and abilities tailored to fit each mission. When their missions have been completed, their memories are wiped clean.

Ghost: The Joss Whedon series about agents for hire who receive personality implants for each mission—and have their memories cleared once finished—opens with Echo (Eliza Dushku) becoming a hostage negotiator in order to free a kidnapped girl, the daughter of a businessman (Kurt Caceres) who’d rather pay big bucks than go to the police. Meanwhile, an FBI agent (Tahmoh Penikett) finds his career threatened by his search for the illegal Dollhouse. Dr. Claire Saunders: Amy Acker. (TV Guide)

While the idea is clever and open up a lot story plots, I’m not quite sure what the hell they were thinking with the pilot episode. The story itself, although it went off in a few different directions (something you wouldn’t expect from someone so seasoned), it was a good idea. 

When it came time to roll the film, I felt pained as I witnessed actors doing their best to let us know that they were acting. I sat watching puzzled and slightly distracted from the story-line because of all the foreshadowing being thrown all over the place, the amature performances and the feel of “Does this man ever interact with people out of the biz”? The conversations that took place in the first half hour of the episode were choppy and not once did I feel pulled into the show. 

Joss, we watch these shows because we want to escape our reality. It’s the visual book that’s supposed to draw us in and melt away our surroundings. I think you need to remember the magic of story telling and try to step it up in future episodes.

Towards the end I felt Joss’ talent present and again… it had to do with the actors, they stepped up their game (which is a HUGE mistake of everyone on this project who picked some of these people). Seriously, was this filmed in a day? You could feel the comfort levels pick up over the course of the program and even then… OMG do I really want to watch Olivia Williams, who didn’t deliver ONCE, for a full season(s)? 

Please let this be a sloppy pilot that was created and released without Joss’ approval. Oh Joss, you’ve shattered my omnipotent image of you.

I hope this will be the first of many episodes I get to review of this show, and I want so badly for this one to succeed. Although it wasn’t HORRIBLE (if it was made by a first timer) I was slightly disappointed.

On the positive side, I liked the introduction of Harry Lennix as Boyd. He was one of the few characters I warmed up to, even more than Amy Acker’s and Eliza’s.  Bravo.

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