Stardock doesn’t use intrusive DRM. Stardock is hiring and expanding in this economy. Neener Neener!

I’ve spoken on DRM before and how I just can’t support publishers who use overly intrusive versions of it – like SecuROM and its ilk.

I find it a bit interesting then that Stardock who have gone out of their way to not use intrusive DRM, to talk to those folks who do pirate games and to be all around good about treating folks who purchase their games as consumers and not criminals are in the process of expanding.

They have a new game in the works – an RPG that they’re not saying much about – and they’ve purchased more office space and are actively hiring a bunch of developers for this new title.

Perhaps this is coincidence?   Providence allowing Stardock to expand their enterprise while others such as EA are actively laying off their staff?  Maybe it’s that Stardock spends a lot less on securing their products and a lot more on developing them and then seeing that their users are treated fairly?

I’m no expert in economics but I’m certain that in my case Stardock is getting my money and EA is not.  Are there other users out there like me?  Sure there are.  Are we a direct cause of Stardock expanding while others suffer under our current economic climate?  No idea.  I’d like to think we are but thinking doesn’t make it so.

Regardless, I know that I will continue to give my money to Stardock should they continue to put out decent games that will not go all Mass Effect on us.  We pay our money, get a good product and can use that product until we die of old age.  That’s the way it should be.
Whatever the circumstances may be, I’m glad to see that Stardock is doing well and more than glad to see they’re developing an RPG title.

I am deeply in love with Sins of a Solar Empire, intrigued by Demigod and looking forward to whatever new may be coming down the road for them and their Steam-like Impulse.

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