Grand Ages: Rome demo coming soon

As soon as I can track down where to get it, I’ll post that info.

Viva Media will distribute the demo for Grand Ages: Rome later this week. The demo is comprehensive, allowing gamers a glimpse into the game’s many exciting features. Viva Media CEO, Carlo Voelker, commented, “Players will experience great graphics alongside complex city building, character development, and much more in this limited, but enticing taste of the game.”

The demo will introduce many exciting aspects from the full game. Two missions will be available for players to try their hand at building an empire. In the first mission, Bread and Circuses, the player will have to construct a small city, while in the second, Legio VIII, their strategic and military skills will be tested as well.

A rising empire awaits you! Can you lead the greatest civilization in the world?

Demo Quick Facts:
Basic Tutorial & Combat Tutorial included
2 complete missions: Bread and Circuses and Legio VIII
2 noble families to join: Aemilii and Valerii
1 exciting cut-scene to enjoy
Demonstration of Research, Estates, and Talents mechanics

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