3 free video games from Amazon, plus a free rock band guitar and $60 Amazon GC

Here’s a few deals you should consider.  Especially the first three, as they involve free stuff.  Even if the stuff is crap, it could be your crap. For free.

The three free games are Build-A-Lot, Jewel Quest 2 and The Scruffs.  I have no idea if they’re any good or not but again, they are free downloads.

Looking for a free psuedo-guitar?  If you do the following you can get one.   “Offer applies to the PS3 versions of Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero III Guitar Kit, Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar Kit, Guitar Hero World Tour Band Kit, Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Guitar Hero Aerosmith Wireless Bundle, Rock Band, Rock Band 2, Rock Band Special Edition, Rock Band 2 Special Edition.”

Get a $60 Amazon gift card when you purchase a Xbox 360 Console.

Continuing on the almost making music theme, Guitar Hero World Tour is now 30 bucks off.

I just noticed as this deal too.  If you want to catch yourself rocking out to other people’s songs on plastic guitars in HD, Amazon has the Creative Labs Vado HD 720p Pocket Video Camcorder with 8 GB Video Storage and 2x Digital Zoom (Black) for $229.99.  When you check out, throw MY88J7DV into the coupon area and drop the price by $100.  Sweet!


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