Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures – TC peaks into the minds of Telltale Games

I recently stopped by Telltale Games site to take a gander at the new Wallace and Gromit trailer.  This game interests me for a bunch of reasons.

The first reason is that this game although not finished, is coming highly recommended by someon I trust – a good friend who works for TTG and has had some hands on time with this game.  I’ve known him for a long time and respect his opinion on games and gaming in general.  Heck, we both love Sins of a Solar Empire.

So the disclaimer is – this guy works for TTG.

He’s got some good things to say about it.  Unfortunately I can’t post a lot of it because I’m not going to get him in trouble. He does say that this game is going to be different from other TTG titles.  TTG is really going after the look and feel of an Aardman production.  To quote “We are really trying to make it feel like an Aardman Product from Acting to even the clay look and feel of the characters.”

Being a Wallace and Gromit fan myself, this is good news and the second reason I’m interested.

Reason number three – Telltale Games is also an outfit I personally like.  They’ve got a good habit of publishing interesting games.  Sam and Max and Strongbad to name a few.

The folks at TTG are “also pushing story farther than we have in the past and making sure that the production pipeline is in concert with that goal.”

Scratching your head?  To clarify “all the assets like environments and objects and puzzle design really advance the story motivation-wise.”  Ah.  Cool!

Want another reason?  I like Telltale’s stance on DRM.  To quote an employee and forum member:

we try to be real people about it. Telltale’s games don’t have any practical install limit — you can play the game at home, on your PC at work when nobody’s looking, on your laptop, your media center PC, etc, and nothing in the games will yell at you. To unlock the games all you have to do is login with your forum username and password and it will activate for you. (If that doesn’t work, you can look up your serial number and enter it manually. If that doesn’t work, against all odds, you can write in to support or submit a hardware-keyed number to the activation system, to give you a manual override code… but these things happen next to never, and are just safeguards in case people run in to trouble.)

Nicely done.  So let’s line up some key points and then I’ll let you get to the video.

  1. Wallace and Gromit rock.
  2. This game will be as much like the Wallace and Gromit we know as is possible and still be a game and not some lumps of clay.
  3. TTG is a company of cool people who put out good games with DRM that’s on (to me) the acceptable side.
  4. This video looks awesome.

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