New extended Blood Bowl trailer – for your orc smashing pleasure

As a kid, and later in college I spent a lot of time playing Blood Bowl (the board game).  I had leagues organized with weekly status reports sent out and a monetary system for purchasing new talent.  Hours were wasted in the common room staring at our board (I refereed) or being stared at by folks who’d never seen seven or eight people hunched over Styrofoam and plastic before.

Come to think of it, I’d probably have a PhD and a higher paying job if I spent more time in college doing college-y things.  Hmm.  Anyway, here’s Focus Home Interactive’s latest video release, and their press release following it.


This game interests me on several levels.  The first is that it can be played either in real time or as a turn based game.  Awesome!  Call me a die hard (or a blow hard) but I really, really like and miss the old turn based computerized RPGs.  Everything is either MMO or RTS today.  It’s refreshing to see something new feature this.  Yay.  Second, I’m hoping the real time option is less like an RTS game and more like a modern football or soccer video game.

Press Release:

Today is the big day for fans of “Blood Bowl” – the sometimes humorous, and often brutal, fantasy sport game based on American Football and the Warhammer world! Today, Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studio have released an explosive extended-length trailer, which wraps up our four-part series and gives you a look at the in-game elements of the title!

Watch the video and experience the game’s real-time and turn-based modes, and see how you can customize your teams – from choosing specific characters, to designing individual players before sending them out to do battle on the pitch. Along with actual in-game video, we’ve included some cinematics that showcase some of the famous gameplay concepts of “Blood Bowl” – including dirty plays, underhand tactics and all-out cheating.

An ultra-violent mix of Warhammer Fantasy and American football, Blood Bowl allows players to create the ultimate “fantasy” sports teams. Coaches can build bone-crushing teams of Orcs, Elves, Humans, Dwarfs and many more fantastic creatures – then throw them into the stadium for the ultimate blood sport! Blood Bowl is strategic, action-packed and violent, requiring coaches to use their best tactics, team design – and a dose of pure ruthless bloodlust always helps too!

Published by Focus Home Interactive and developed by Cyanide Studio, Blood Bowl is being developed for the PC and the Xbox 360™ as well as for the handheld systems Nintendo DS™ and Sony PSP™ and is set for release on Q2 2009.

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