World of Warcraft: The Culinary Expansion Pack

I admit that I never made it to the game play circle. I had a free trial offer that expired on me before I could use it (thanks to that brief moment of having a life right when the trial activated until it ran out) and then upon just going for the paid account sight/site unseen… there were issues with their payment page and I never got activated. I figured it was a sign from the cool Gods not willing to fully let me go to do the dork side. Ha ha ha get it, dork side? Yeah, I think it’s too late for me also.

Anyway, I was surfing around on my laptop that is fixed, INCLUDING the keyboard, and I saw on an RSS page that someone in Beijing has opened a WoW restaurant. Huh? I haven’t played the game but …really? There’s a need for it? People will eat there? There’s nothing in the game that might put off someone’s appetite say like… carnage and poor hygienic habits that I picture most players to… Oh come on, the South Park homage to the game is still playing fresh in my head.

The restaurant actually does look pretty cool and although the cuisine isn’t something I’d imagine in the game (I picture mead and slabs of raw meat) it doesn’t look horrible.

Should one not be CLEAR ACROSS THE FREAKING WORLD, I’d actually go to it. Let’s just hope this trend doesn’t catch on, I’d hate to a chain of GTA restaurants. I mean I don’t want to be off’ed or anything in the middle of my meal or get b*tch slapped by the wait staff.

Photos from CCTV

Watch the CCTV Video Coverage

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