More deals for geeks prior to that mess we call the holidays

You hear that?  The incessant ticking sound?  That’s the sound of the holidays growing ever closer.  Tick. Tick.  Tick.  Or maybe it’s my new watch.  I’m not sure which.  Either way it’s driving me a little crazy. I keep searching and keep finding deals for us though.  Here’s my latest batch.

Edit: Woah – Just stumbled on this 12 inch plush Cthulu by accident.  I’ve got to get one of these for my kids.  Or two of them, one for each kid.  And one for myself.

First there’s the Markdown Monday for toys.  A few cool things to be found.  The Optimus Prime anniversary pack is pretty damned cool since I had that set as a child.  If I knew how to spell that sound the transformers make when they transform, I’d put it here.

This online toy is pretty cool.  You can shop the new way through a nice, 3Dish graphica browser.  I’m just not sure how practical it is.

Don’t have an Xbox 360 yet?  You can get an Xbox 360 with a 60 GB hard drive plus free stuff through this deal. In this case, the free stuff is Lego Batman and an Xbox 360 Live 1600 point card.

While not all that specific, a quick check on Amazon shows 46,970 Results for games available at some sort of discount.  That would keep even me busy for quite some time.  Of those they classify some 158 of them as Fantasy and Sci-Fi though they may be stretching that a bit for a few titles.

The OLPC laptop Get one – Give One program is back if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

Lastly on Amazon is my drool of the week item.  The Archos 7 320 GB Internet Media Tablet which looks utterly and completely amazing.  I had the 605 series for a while and used it not only as a portable media player, but as a DVR for TV shows, a little window onto the web via wireless and I even had the D20 System Reference Docs saved in HTML for using with my D&D 3rd edition game.  If you’re looking for that “oh wow” gift to give (me) then this may just be it. A number of other Archos tablets available.

On another note, Leapfrog is having a clearance event with up to 70% off lots of stuff.  Great for kids!


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