Plush Beholders, RPGs, movies and more holiday gift ideas for geeks

As we draw closer to the holidays and the wonder of Black Friday sales your ability to get gifts for your inner geek or those outside of yourself who also like toy beholders increases. Here’s a bunch more ideas for you – all of this stuff is on sale too, which helps.

To start the day off right, here some Role Playing stuff 24-50% off including a bunch of D&D 4E books.  Here is a broader link which features more games including board games and non-D&D stuff also 25-50% off.   I can honestly picture that plushy Beholder sticking out of my stocking Christmas morning.

If you’re looking for a little mood music while you roleplay, or create characters, or wait for all of your players to settle in and stop quoting Monty Python and Kevin Smith movies, check out the Mediaeval Baebes who’s MP3 albums are availabe as digital downloads for $8.99 to $9.49.  If you haven’t given them a listen you’ll want to.  Also the actual CDs are available as well and easier to wrap.

If you or your kids are into sporty type stuff like scooters, pogo sticks or foosball tables you can get up to 40% off over the weekend.

If you’re looking to stock up on toys, Amazon is offering 10% off your order and free shipping through select third party sellers if you spend $75 or more.

Now a bunch of DVD deals.  The James Bond Ultimate Collector’s Set is good at $89.95 for eveyr Bond film up through 2007.  That’s about $200 off retail. Rome – The Complete First Two Seasons is just about the same price, or a bit over $20 off. Disney / Pixar Ultimate Collection is $109.99 which for all the Pixar stuff in the world isn’t bad. And lastly, there’s a save up to 45% on Blu-Ray sale going on as we speak.

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