Awesome deals on stuff we love – Sony, light sabers, Graphic Novels, Nintendo, Family Guy and more

The Holidays are right around the corner and while I have an almost maniacle love for all things holiday season related, I do find that when it comes to giving and getting I tend to do a lot better on the giving part.  Not a ton of people in my extended family are themselves geeks and they have no idea what it is that makes me tick.  For a few gift ideas for yourself or others who share our love of space opera, gadgets and elf ears here’s what grabbed me from Amazon today that’s on sale.

The first thing to grab my eye this morning was the Star Wars Clone Wars Ultimate Light Saber. Having grown up with Star Wars, just the thought of owning a Light Saber with 20 interchangable parts and over 1000 configurations makes me weak in the knees.  At $20 this is a steal.

One of my many er. . . character traits is that I love holiday music.  There’s a ton of Holiday Music MP3s available for download right now.  I’ve already made a playlist for my iPod with which I plan on torturing my co-workers. The Weird, strange and bizzare is of particular interest to me.

The Cosmotopia sale – SF and F DVDs continues with lots of titles at a significant savings.

Also in DVDland – Family Guy – The Complete Collection (Stewie Head Packaging) – ( Exclusive) with 100 episodes, including Blue Harvest and a bunch of extras for $59.99.  That’s almost $110 off.

There’s a Nintendo thing going on where you can Buy a DS Lite, get a 20 dollar game for five bucks which is great for those folks looking for a hand held console to pick up.  Just keep in mind that the DSi comes to the states next year.

Sony and Amazon are offering a ton of Hi-Def deals on everything from Playstation 3 and Blu-Ray players to huge Hi-Def televisions with free white glove delivery.  If you’re like me and harbor dreams of playing games on a PS3 connected to a 55″ HDTV well this may be your cheapest avenue to that dream.

On to graphic novels, Watchmen (Absolute Edition) is going for$58.80.  Trust me.  If you know a comic book geek who’s itching to wait in line for this movie right now this will tide them over for a few hours at least.  Also Gizmodo has some new and free character art from the movies up and available for your viewing pleasure.

There’s also a decent sale on Graphic Novels and Comics going on right now.

Woah – last minute addition here I just found. Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster – Yellow is $34.99 ($8 off) and can send plastic darts down the field with full auto capability.  Bring on the zombie apocalypse!

There are my finds for today.  Enjoy!

*Note: Yes these links to Amazon have my Amazon Associate ID associated with them.  This is one of the ways I support this site.  I try to keep my links relevant to items readers of Troll in the Corner would get a kick out of.  Here we can help each other out.  I spend time finding neat stuff and if you chose, you get to buy it on sale.

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