Twilight 2013 nearly ready to ship – World War III never looked so good

Keith Taylor over at 93 Games Studios has let the world know that Twilight 2013 is just about ready to go gold.  Pre-orders will be opening soon and distribution will be PDF first, followed by the actual books once they print.

When I was a young lad and the possiblity of war with Russia was pretty real, the original Twilight title (Twilight 2000) provided hours of fun for our group.  Stuck in Eastern Europe, fighting to find a way home our characters did it all, including one memorable cross over that featured Aliens.  From Ridley Scott’s Aliens movie.

As 2000 grew closer in the real world, the game faded away to old copies with fraying covers sitting in our gaming boxes as we got on with our lives.  Then, in 2006 93 Games Studios came along.

In 2006, we acquired the license to produce the next official edition of Twilight: 2000 (3rd edition). This new edition of Twilight (Twilight: 2013) will use our present timeline of events and the current state of world affairs as the precursors to a devastating and chaotic WWIII. It will use an improved game system with plans to include modernized and streamlined features from older versions. We have several fan features, such as a developer’s blog and a chance to become one of several signature characters of the game. We are looking forward to an early 2008 release for Twilight: 2013.

Neat!  We then had something to really look forward to.  Here’s what Keith had to say about 2013.
Here’s the dealleo…

Book is completely finalized. Printer has been chosen (for the most part, still working out the details – file format, delivery dates, etc). Marketing/Fullfillment partner has been chosen, awaiting contracts.

What now…

I am awaiting final authorization from the license holder to announce pre-orders. That said, I’ve just found out that the books won’t make it to hobby stores until at least Feb. But I’m allowed to sell them direct, so until then you’ll at least be able to purchase through me. Which actually helps me out $$$. The PDF version should be available for purchase from Drivethrurpg and other download sites by late Nov. at the latest.

Pre-orders once available will consist of:

1) Core Rules – Hardback Book (will ship once printed, 4-6 weeks, will have them before the holidays though)
2) Core Rules – PDF (downloads available immediately)
3) Character Generation Booklet (to make generating characters easier with the party)
4) Equipment Booklet (to make drooling over the equipment easier) – both these books are so that you can at least be making characters and buying equipment without hogging the main rule book
5) Character Worksheet Pad (33 character sheets and worksheets in a tear off pad)
6) Laminated quick rules sheet (x5)
7) The finished story from Sith – Solitude
8) I’ll also be throwing in the first adventure/city supplement (which I have but is now in editing) as soon as it’s available
9) Immediate access to the downloads section of the website for NPCs, Organizations, rumors, etc.
10) Oh yeah, free shipping to anywhere in North America (Europe, I’m still working on the details for this one)

The key thing is that while the book is printing you’ll have immediate access to the PDF version and can begin play.

I’d love to tell you that the license holder told me I’ll be able to do this in just a few days but we know how that’s been going on.

I hope this helps.

Keith Taylor
93 Games Studio

I know at least one GM and TC Editor who’s salivating heavily over this.  I have a feeling that shortly after the PDFs emerge I’ll be embroiled in a TK13 campaign.

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7 thoughts on “Twilight 2013 nearly ready to ship – World War III never looked so good

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  1. I am wet with anticipation of this game. I abosultly cannot wait to get this into my grubby little hands, and put together a group to play. Anyone in the central MA area want in on this when its released? 😀


  2. Im fan of 93GS games since “The Swing” and “Twilight 2013” is now in my favorits games list, even whe the book is not good enought and to big for me, but some pros:

    * Comprehensive system.
    * Fully detailed background.


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