Holy Reddit Batman!

Well, it looks like the enterprising folks over at reddit.com have found our little corner of the web here.  While I was expecting to take things a bit slow and get a few people onto the site to start looking around and form a community, I’ve just had about 1200 people roaming about and it looks like more are coming.

Welcom then, to Troll in the Corner.  We’re aiming to be a community for the serious table top gamer, with some video games, Science Fiction and Fantasy stuff thrown in for good measure.

I’ve had registration set to invite only for a while now.  I’ve since changed that and opened it up for today.  If you’d like to stop in and say hello, please do so.  You’ll need to register to comment or write a post in our forum.

If not, thanks for stopping by anyway and we hope to see more of you once our site is up and running at full capacity.


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