Haldman’s Forever War to be helmed by Ridley Scott – possibly not sear our eyes

Looks like Ridley (a la aliens and that little sf flick Blade Runner) will be taking a stab at Forever War.

As always, in the 10 minutes since I read of this news, I go through my typical SF/F book I love-adapted-to-movie-cycle.

1. YAY! An awesome piece of literature and an integral part of my past will be up on the Silver Screen!
2. Brief, thoughtful pause.
3. Remembering Starship Troopers. Suits? What suits.
4. Ticking off on my fingers all the crap they’ll cut, be unable to translate into a 2 hour film or just not get.
5. Infinite sadness at another icon of SF/F going down the drain as it’s dumbed down by movie execs.

Ridley’s seem to got a good grasp of what it takes to make a good flick, even one involving robots and flying cars. Maybe he can pull a Peter Jackson on this one? Here’s hoping.

7 thoughts on “Haldman’s Forever War to be helmed by Ridley Scott – possibly not sear our eyes

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  1. One can only hope that it’s a better adaptation than Starship Troopers was. Since it’s Ridley Scott, I’d have high hopes of that, of course.

    I mention this merely because I’m so old that I remember The Forever War being hailed as the new, dark version of Starship Troopers, and Haldeman being the new, dark Heinlein.


  2. My one hope is that Scott will do for this what he did for Blade Runner. Make it real and gritty and not leave out all of the good bits because it may take a little thought to puzzle them out.

    I’ve been crossing my fingers since I read the announcement.


  3. And, of course, no noir-style voice-over or wimped-out ending.

    Although, I have to admit that I didn’t mind either of those things in Blade Runner. Now, the wimping-out of the theatrical-release version of Brazil, on the other hand …

    But I digress.


  4. I think it was okay with Blade Runner because someone had done something really good in a SF world. That they had gotten 90% of the thing right was a cool thing to witness.

    I believed the Blade Runner world when I saw it, more so than any other SF world at the time with the possible exception of Alien. Maybe Aliens.

    That’s what we need in this. Or in the eternally forthcoming Ender’s War. 🙂


  5. I can’t say that I really believed in the *look* of Blade Runner, not in the sense that I thought of it as something belonging to what I laughingly think of as our Universe. The look was more stylish than realistic. But I could believe in the Stylish Universe, if that makes any sense, and I did enjoy it a lot.

    I certainly agree that Aliens and Alien had a very realistic look. Alien also has the distinction for me that it’s the only movie I’ve ever seen that I actually thought was scary. Not that I thought the alien itself was particularly scary, but near the end of the movie I really thought that Ripley might be killed off, and by that point I had built up too great an emotional investment in her character for that to be a pleasant plot-turn. 🙂


  6. Ah Ripley. I first saw Alien at my Uncle’s place on HBO – back when HBO was new and shiny and when someone said “Cable TV” that’s what they meant.

    I was young and impressionable. So Alien scared the living daylights out of me and gave me H.R. Giger inspired dreams for a good portion of my adolescence. And to this day when I think of Sigourney Weaver and white underwear I get a smile on my face.

    I know what you mean about Blade Runner and realism I think but again I was young enough that even if I didn’t exactly believe in that Universe as ours, I really wanted it to be that way.

    As for the marines – yeah, that’s part of the fun of that movie. I know a bunch of marines in real life and were they in space, they’d probably act in the same way to that situation. Or at least, I imagine them doing so, which is what counts in fiction, right?


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