Kick The Box Dec 1st 2014

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Dec 012014

Kick The Box

Dec 1st Edition

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a turkey filled holiday with lots of gaming included. This week’s Kick The box features a bleak looking future, a broken cogtraption, some World War II action, and a deck of playing cards, but of course, this is Kick The Box, so you know they won’t be just some plain jane, boring, old playing cards. Hit the news and read on to see this weeks picks!

Kickstarter News: Black Hat has accumulated 65% of their stretch goal so far. It’s still not too late to jump on this trick taking, hacker themed card game. Dragonflame has reached their funding goal! This card game about destroying villages and looting castles as a dragon sounds interesting to you, quickly head to their Kickstarter page. I’m sure they would appreciate your help. Also, New Bedford by Dice Hate Me Games has hit 70% of their pledge goal. Be sure to check it out if a historical setting, medium weight Euro game sounds fun to you!

Bright Future

Project By: Vermin Games

Nuclear war has finally devastated the topside of the planet Earth, leaving the remaining survivors of this post apocalyptic world to move deep underground to previously abandoned metro tunnels and bunkers from past wars and civilizations. Mankind days are limited as these tunnels were not designed for permanent residence. The only hope for survival is for a group of survivors to discover if the rumors of a legendary Russian bunker, filled with food and supplies, called the Tunnel of Power really does exist.

Bright Future offers ten unique mutant and human characters for players to choose from. Players will take turns drafting tunnel cards, playing them, and than visiting the locations in the tunnels, for better or for worse. As players move about the tunnel system, they can perform different actions, trying to eventually gather the access codes needed to enter the newly revealed door to what everyone hopes is the legendary Tunnel of Power.


Project By: Wesley Lamont of RAEZ

Project image

As the professor exits the room, he looks back, and exclaims. “And whatever you do, do not touch the Chromatic Cogtrapation! It is a work of science that you could possibly not understand!” And vanishes behind the sliding door. You hear the distinguishable sound of falling metal clanking against the concrete floor.The whirring and hissing sound of the professor’s contraption sputters and stalls. The sound of a pin drop could be heard as silence fills the room. Everyone knows what they must do. They must hurry to fix the contraption before the professor comes back!

Cogz is a 2-6 player tile swapping game. Players will take turns swapping out cogs. The main scoring will be the length of the colored cog after a tile is swapped.There are four different colors of cog pieces and players will be keeping track of points for each color. The color with the lowest point value is the player’s score.


Project By: Triton Noir

V-Commandos is a 1-4 player cooperative board game set in the trenches of WWII. Players will select their characters and try to defeat the game in one or more of the five available scenarios. Yes you heard me correctly! You can combine scenarios for a longer and more challenging campaign!

The game is about stealth and working your way around the battle terrain, completing the missions as stealthily as possible. If an alarm is raised, all hell breaks loose and the difficultly level of the campaign quickly begins to ramp up. The different objective scenarios will pit players against the game as they silently move about the board trying to eliminate German officers, freeing prisoners and allied officers, destroying ground planes, or protecting bridges, and more.

Triton Noir is offering a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the game, they will refund your money.

Shipping fees are listed towards the bottom of their Kickstarter page.

Golden Age Horror Comic Book Cover Playing Cards

Project By: Bobby Alexander

Project image

The Golden Age of Comics. Some of the most iconic magazine covers of all time and Bobby Alexander wants to bring them on a set of playing cards to you.

He wants to hire an artist to clean up the images, removing bends in the pages and any nasty pen marks. The original color and artwork will remain as intended. The artist is already paid for, and the funds will be for printing and shipping the deck of cards. The project is already fully funded and slowly closing in on the two, currently listed, stretch goals. The first stretch goal will allow him to have a custom tuck box designed for the deck, and the second stretch goal will allow the extra funds needed to have the artist create thematic and unique Ace-King icons.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to check back next week as we keep chugging along towards the end of the year. What games are you eyeballing on Kickstarter? Leave any comments and suggestions down below.


About Jason Hancock

Ever since my early childhood I've had a love for card and board games.I am now married with two children that have moved out of the house and on to their own lives. This new phase of life has rekindled the old passion of tabletop gaming and lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys it also.

Kick The Box November 10th 2014 Edition

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Nov 112014

Kick The Box

Nov. 10th Edition

Welcome back to another installment of Kick The Box! This week’s featured games will have you traveling across the world, trying to survive the apocalyptic remains of The Great Third War, on a vampire hunt of a lifetime, with a hand held deck of steam punk looking animals.

Kickstarter News: Tao of Peg has relaunched on IndieGoGo! Don’t miss this beautiful, abstract, strategy game! Dog Might Games The Dice Chest finished their campaign one dollar shy of $47,000! Abode finished their Thematic Gaming Accessories fully funded  at a little over $6,000!

Dracula Dossier

Project By: Pelgrane Press

Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula, was just a taste of the secrets that revolved around Dracula and his castle. In this RPG, by Pelgrane Press, players will take the roles as highly trained spies, seasoned criminals, or other shady freelance operatives in a modern day vampire hunt for no other, than Dracula himself.

In 1893, the British Naval Intelligence Department had made a deal with the devil himself, and is now paying the price. After a double cross by Dracula, NID hunted down the vampire legend and staked him . . . Or so they thought.

Dracula’s Dossier takes place in modern time. Players will chose which leads they will follow, what operations to commission, and face some of the most frightening, paranormal terrors ever known to man as they try to piece the puzzle together of the untold story of Dracula.

Shipping is available worldwide.

Raid & Trade

Project By: MAGE Company


The Third World War has left much of civilization in destruction and despair. Midst the ashes, a lavish Golden City has rose, taunting the few survivors in the wasteland  outside of their walls with dreams of hope. Of course, not just any one can waltz up to the heavily guarded fortress doors and walk right in. You have to earn the privilege.

This is what the players are competing for. The privilege of leaving the dreaded remnants of the wasteland behind and restarting their life anew in the Golden City. Players can accomplish this by either serving the city(completing three secret quests), become an expert (gain 20 skill points), or becoming a nobleman(gain the most possible character points.)

Players will spend action points to move about the city, raiding buildings, crafting helpful and valuable items, attacking other players and stealing their stuff, and if that doesn’t work, trading with other players or the black market.

Only one person will be allowed to enter the City. Will it be you?

Shipping will be charged after the Kickstarter.

oddball Aeronauts 2: Double Trouble

Project By: maverick:muse

Rallied together to stay free of the Pendragon's rule and to wipe out all automatons to the last golem!

oddball Aeronauts was a great success on Kickstarter last year by maverick:muse.This stand alone expansion into the oddball Aeronauts world offers two new factions, Free Kingdoms and Mechinauts.

In case you are not familiar with oddball Aeronauts, the original is a two player card game, that does not require any type of gaming surface. The whole game is played in the palm of your hand. This new stand alone expansion will add two more factions to the original deck giving players four different factions and new events to chose from for loading up their decks. Also, three and four player game rules are also now available. You just need two sets of the game.

If you are looking for a great little traveling companion of a game, be sure to check oddball Aeronauts 2 and the original now on Kickstarter.

Shipping worldwide is included!

Dragon Flames

Project By: Minion Games

After their very successful pirate themed, cooperative game, Dead Men Tell No Tales, Minion Games is back on Kickstarter with their latest game, Dragon Flames.

In Dragon Flames, 2-5 players are dragons trying to kidnap princesses and horde the most gold and treasure. Players will take turns lining the castle walls with either valuable items such as princesses, treasures, and relics or troublesome traps such as knights and nasty curses that can be costly to those who acquire them. After the placement of the cards, players, in turn order, will choose which castle they want to attack. After attacking and looting the castles, players will turn their attention to the villages. Anyone who has gained Dragonflame cards via their looting of the castles, can now use them to burn down the villages with the potential of scoring them extra points at the end of the game. The dragon with the most glory points at the end of the game wins!

Different shipping for different pledge levels.

That’s it for this week! Check back next week to see what games and accessories make the Kick The Box cut! Be sure to hit the big, red subscribe button, and until than; Keep playin’ !

About Jason Hancock

Ever since my early childhood I've had a love for card and board games.I am now married with two children that have moved out of the house and on to their own lives. This new phase of life has rekindled the old passion of tabletop gaming and lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys it also.

Kick The Box November 3rd 2014 Edition

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Nov 032014

Kick The Box

November 3rd Edition

I hope that everyone who celebrates O’Hallows Eve had a great time. We got in some great games here at the house. Also hope that everyone that doesn’t celebrate the holiday, also had a great time. We kick off the month of November with this week’s Kick The Box featuring The Dice Chest hidden in an Abode between the World of Yo-Ho and the World of Smog.

Kickstarter News: Web of Spies is over 50% funded. There is still time left to check out and back this deck builder. Cartography is full funded and is now working towards some nice stretch goals. Check out this tile laying game to see if it is for you. Lanterns: The Harvest Festival is another tile laying game that is fully funded. Hurry, only a few hours left to back this beautiful game before it is too late.

The Dice Chest: A High Quality Dice Box and Rolling Tray

Project By: Dog Might Games

White Ash, Ebony finish, red felt, Helm symbol. Vicious Club of Maiming not included.

Dog Might Games now has three successful Kickstarter campaigns under their belt including their highest grossing one to date, The Dice Chest, still available for a few days more.

I was lucky  to receive one of their custom Deck Boxes for review.  (If you missed the Kickstarter, you can still order one from their website.) Now they are showing off their woodtastic skills with their beautiful custom Dice Chests. These chests will hold up to 96 D6 dice for easy storage and travel, and also doubles as a dice chucking box.The lid can be completely removed. After it’s removal, the lid can be slid into place to use as a backstop for dice rolling or to hide your dice rolls.

I know their Card Deck Boxes are not only the most impressive pieces of hand made craftsmanship, but are also the sturdiest. I can’t imagine  their Dice Chests being any less quality.

Different pledge levels for different shipping needs.

World of Yo-Ho

Project By:Iello

You knew it was only a matter of time before digital started to invade our analog world. Fantasy Flight has XCOM  in development that will be using an app to help keep track of stats, random events, and a countdown tracker for their game. Now, Iello has developed their own game using players phones as pawns.

This is an interesting concept. The player’s phones will know where they are located on the board, allowing different types of interactions for different circumstances. With the motion sensors in the phone, it will know if it is placed on the board or is being held by  a player. This  allows the phone to know what to display, whether it be public information or secret personal information.

The game itself is set in the fantasy world of Yo-Ho. Players will be competing against one another to become the most famous pirate in Yo-Ho! The game will have four different game modes: Classic, Campaign, Single Phone/Tablet and Cruise. Each mode allowing a different variant of gameplay.

Different shipping needs and costs are listed towards the bottom of their Kickstarter page.

The World of Smog: On Her Majesty’s Service

Project By: Cool Mini or Not

Players will journey into the dark depths of Smog’s underbelly of the Shadow Market. Their goal is to be the first to acquire the four Artefacts for the Queen.

The game is for two to four players and has an interesting mechanic. There are 14 gears on the board with four different actions on each one. A player can only interact with the action that is facing them. When a player buys or sells Essences on a specific spot on the board, it will become closed and the gear will spin towards an opponent, essentially blocking that opponent from being able to do an action at that spot. An ingenious mechanic that I hope works as well as it sounds.

This might be one of those games that will send some people’s Analysis Paralysis into overdrive, but I can’t wait to see how the mechanics all come together in this beautiful steam punk themed game.

Shipping is charged after the campaign ends.

ABODE: Thematic Gaming Accessories

Project By: Chase Creation

ABODE Thematic Deck Boxes

Card Holders. A must for just about any board game now a days. These laser cut card holders will add an extra layer of theme to your tabletop experience. There are four themed designs. Cthulhu, Zombie, Industrial, and the Kickstarter Exclusive Iron Abode which has the look of the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones.

Both the single and multiple deck holders have a ‘graveyard’ space underneath for discarded cards, freeing up space on your table. The multiple deck holders are adjustable to accommodate different sized cards. Also, available are card stands. These would be great as a reminder for those event cards that has an everlasting negative or positive effect on the game.

Shipping is included for everywhere in the world.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to leave any comments or suggestions below. Hit the red subscribe button so you don’t miss next week’s Kick The Box and all of the other Troll In The Corner goodies. Til next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’.

About Jason Hancock

Ever since my early childhood I've had a love for card and board games.I am now married with two children that have moved out of the house and on to their own lives. This new phase of life has rekindled the old passion of tabletop gaming and lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys it also.

Kick The Box October 27th 2014 Edition

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Oct 272014

Kick The Box

Oct. 27th Edition

It is almost time for the ghouls and ghosts to line the streets, looking for their treats! Be weary the poor fool who does not posses the necessary treat, for he/she may be tricked! Everyone be safe while you are out and about! This week’s Kick The Box is all about iBox Nano’s Strife  over it’s Folklore about it’s Stockpile of goodies!

Kickstarter News: Operation F.A.U.S.T. is almost fully funded. Hurry to catch this no player elimination, bluffing game before it is too late! Age of Conan has raised over $65,000 at the time of this writing! Still time to kick down the doors and hop on this Kickstarter campaign! Lanterns has almost hit double it’s funding goal! Still not too late to help this tile laying family game hit a landmark figure of double their funding goal!

iBox Nano – Worlds Smallest, Least Expensive 3D Printer

Project By: ibox printers

There is no denying that the revolution of 3D printing is upon us. ibox printers wants to bring this to your homes in an easy to use, small, portable, wi fi ready, browser based 3D printer.

Need a couple of pawns or meeples for a game you are designing? Than this portable 3D printer is quiet, lightweight, and can be printed from any device, Android, PC, Mac, Linux, IOS and more. If it has a web browser, it is compatible with the iBox Nano 3D printer. An optional  battery pack is also available for a true tether-less experience.

 Shipping within the US is included. Add $50 to $60, depending on pledge level, for shipping outside the US.

Folklore: The Affliction

Project By: Twin Fire Productions

Folklore:The Affliction is a 1-4 player cooperative RPG in a box set in the 1700’s Eastern Europe. The game comes not only with a rulebook but also a Story Journal. Players will be fighting supernatural creatures called Afflictions as they try to complete each scenario, in order to advance the story.

There are six characters to chose from. Players will select their character and use their dry erase player board to keep track of stats as they level up through the campaign.

Adventure, story, and character progression is the name of the game.

Shipping is included for US. Add $25 for shipping to Canada, $54 for all other international shipping.

Stockpile: The Stockmarket Game of Insider Trading

Project By: Nauvo Game

Insider Information

Stockpile is a stock market economic game with a twist. As an inside trader, you will know what a couple of the stocks will do in the near future. You will try to bluff  your opponents into buying stock that is about ready to plummet, while you try to amass your wealth with the atypical buy low, sell high stock market strategy.

Not only do players have some insider information in the stock market, but there is also a stockpile mechanic. Players will bid on a stack of face up and face down stocks that were placed by all the players. Be careful as you bid on the stacks. There maybe  trading fees hidden in the stack that will be detrimental to your portfolio.

Diversify your portfolio or put all your eggs in one basket? The decision is up to you!

Shipping within the US is included. Check the shipping chart at the bottom of their Kickstarter page for all other shipping needs.

Strife: Legacy of the Eternals

Project By: V3G

Strife: Legacy of the Eternals is a two player card game that pits two opponent’s heroes in a battle for the lands to earn victory points for their master.

Each hero has two abilities, a Battle Ability and a Legacy Ability. The two decks of heroes the players possess are exactly the same; same heroes with the same abilities. It is your job to out maneuver and outwit your opponent to win the land and collect the points.

Strife also has a really unique tie mechanic. One of the two players will possess the D10 that represents a Fortune Stone. If a battle is tied, the player that holds the Fortune Stone will always lose. BUT, they can chose to pass the Fortune Die with the value raised by one to their opponent to win the battle. This is important, because whoever holds the Fortune Die at the end of the game will be able to add it’s value to their end game score! Than, the player with the most points, wins!

There is only a couple more days left in their campaign so hurry before you miss it!

Free shipping within the US. See the chart for all other shipping needs.

That’s it for this week! Hope everyone has enjoyed the show. Be sure to leave any comments and suggestions below, and ’til next week; Keep playin’ to be playin’!

About Jason Hancock

Ever since my early childhood I've had a love for card and board games.I am now married with two children that have moved out of the house and on to their own lives. This new phase of life has rekindled the old passion of tabletop gaming and lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys it also.

Kick The Box October 20th 2014 Edition

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Oct 212014

Kick The Box

Oct. 21st Edition

After a long weekend with the family in Vegas for my daughter’s 21st birthday, it’s time for me to hit the week running a day later than usual. This last week, I spent quite a bit of time early in the week searching through Kickstarter to see what looked intriguing. Now to share with you what I had found!

Kickstarter News: Spell Saga  is a single player story driven card game that has relaunched on Kickstarter! Hooch, unfortunately, did not meet it’s funding goal, but look for a relaunch in February for this mob themed game. Lanterns is doing extremely well on Kickstarter. Don’t miss this family friendly tile laying game before it’s too late!

Flat Plastic Miniatures

Project By: Arcknight


Tired of your drab, solid colored, ‘I’ll get to painting that one day’ miniatures? Apparently, so are nearly 500 backers of Arcknight’s new successful Kickstarter Flat Plastic Miniatures.

Flat Plastic Miniatures are a colorful new way to add some fresh bling to any miniature tabletop game or RPG. These hard plastic pieces may look like just an upgraded version of cardboard chits, but they are more than that. They are nearly indestructible and are dual painted. Yes! One side has the front view of the character painted on it, and the other side is painted using the rear of the character. I really like this concept and you can right now, with the stretch goals that are unlocked, receive five different themed sets of miniatures for the price of three sets. That is over 300 colored Flat Plastic Miniatures for $75 featuring Mankind, Ancient Evils, Underground, Wild Lands, and the Grove! With the potential of more to be unlocked!

Shipping within US is included. Add $20 for shipping outside of the US.

Cartography™ ——————— Make Your Mark on the Map

Project By: Jon Adams

Designed by Jon Adams, Cartography takes the classic strategic, abstract game of Go! and mashes it with Carcassone. Cartography pits two players against one another in a map making, tile laying, unit placing, conquering think fest.

Players will take turns placing triangular shaped map pieces and units on the evolving map. When one player’s unit is trapped by the other players units, than they are conquered and taken. This is one of the two ways that a player can score points at the end of the game. Players will also add up the number of pieces they have on the board. The combination of the two are added together and the player with the most points wins!

Shipping within the US is included. Add $15 for shipping everywhere else.

WEB OF SPIES: A Secret Agent Board Game

Project By: Cole Medeiros

In Web of Spies, player’s spies will be sent to the different corners of the world, collecting valuable weapons and items, with only one goal in mind: Eliminate all the other spies!

This new secret agent game is a deck builder. Three cards will be in random locations, determined by the fate of the dice. Players will have to send out their spies to gather these items, so they will have the resources needed to deal with their fellow enemies.

Just like most deck builders, a player will start off each of their turns with five cards in their hand. They can either discard the cards from their hand to move or acquire more cards for their deck, or use the card’s special abilities. Players will travel the globe, building their deck of cards until they are ready to try to start eliminating their opponent’s spies. Than all hell starts to break loose. The last player with Agents still on the board wins!

Free shipping for everyone!

Operation F.A.U.S.T.

Operation By: Robert Burke

Pledge $22 and you'll get these promo cards and the game!

O.o! A new bluffing, lying, deception game by Robert Burke! Operation F.A.U.S.T. puts you smack dab in the middle of WWII. But, instead of fighting the Axis or Allies, you are trying to save historical pieces of art that Germany wanted to destroy during their occupation of France.

Players on their turn can use Intel(currency of the game) to acquire a painting, a forged document that allows a forged painting to become valuable, or use one of the special abilities on a plot card that you hold in your hand, OR, you can use a special ability of a card that you DON’T possess and hope you don’t get called on it. You don’t have to reveal your card unless someone does call you out. If they are right and you were bluffing than you have to give them half of your Intel rounded up, BUT, if they were WRONG, then they have to give you half of THEIR Intel rounded up!

The game will seat up to eight players and plays in about thirty minutes. The first player to collect a million dollars worth of paintings is the winner!

Add between $16 and $60 US dollars, depending on your pledge level, for shipping outside of the US.

That’s it for this week! Check back next week as I continue to hunt down your tabletop gaming needs before you knew you needed them! Til than, Keep playin’ to be playin’!

About Jason Hancock

Ever since my early childhood I've had a love for card and board games.I am now married with two children that have moved out of the house and on to their own lives. This new phase of life has rekindled the old passion of tabletop gaming and lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys it also.

Kick The Box October 6th 2014 Edition

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Oct 062014

Kick The Box

Oct. 16th 2014 Edition

Hey Kick The Boxers! Let’s kick off October with a mad dash to the Dead Drop site in the middle of a storm of Meteors that is raining down on the entrance of the Twisting Catacombs created by a Worldspinner.

Kickstarter News: Clockwork Kingdom has relaunched! It is fully funded already and only available for a few short days, so hurry to get your copy! If you are looking for a noir styled, prohibition period, mafia game with an original interactive campaign involving missions for personalized game cards, than be sure to check out HoochVye: The Card Game has earned over four times the amount of their funding goal! Still not too late to kick a couple bucks to Sandy Games to receive your copy of this area control game!

 Dead Drop

Project By: Crash Games

Crash Games has launched their tenth Kickstarter campaign with a new game called Dead Drop. Dead Drop is a 2-4 player memory and deduction game in the spirit of small games like Love Letter and Lost Legacy.

Setup starts with cards face up equal to the amount of players playing and one card face down on the table. The object of the game is for a player to make an educated guess or deduce what card is face down on the table. During a players turn, they can do one of the following actions; trade one card from their hand with another players hand, trade one card from their hand with one of the face up cards on the table, or sell secrets to another player. Selling secrets is when a player shows two cards to another player. That player than will answer yes or no if one of their own cards equals the sum of those two cards. If so, than the card equaling the sum is traded with one of the two cards.

This continues until someone decides to ‘Grab the Drop’. The player reveals two cards from their hand, and if the sum of those two cards are the same as the ‘Drop’, than they win the round! If not, than they are eliminated and play continues. Whoever wins three rounds first, wins the game!

Shipping within US is included, For international shipping, an easy to read chart is located halfway down their Kickstarter page.

Worldspinner: Fantasy RPG Worldbuilder & Map Maker

Project By: Worldspinner LLC


Before we highlight the miniatures that Zealot Miniatures has for you, you will need a world to use them in, right? A new program called Worldspinner makes this easier than ever before. Worldspinner is an online program that will be available for your use. anywhere and everywhere.

Different maps can be made to represent different social, political, and geographical values. With Worldspinner, you will be able to give your map an age old parchment or an illustrated look; All depending on how you want the world you created, represented.

Points of interests and cities will be automatically named when you create them on the map. This will give you a reference point until you can come up with your own name, if you hadn’t already. Just these little nuances has me excited. You will also be able to keep notes of potential quests or information regarding each and every landmark, city and region you create.

This is just a taste of what Worldspinner will be able to do. This is shaping up to be an amazing piece of software that will only be limited by your own imagination.

Add $15  for shipping physical rewards outside of the US. Shipping for physical rewards within the US is included.

Meteor! A Real Time, Co-operative Card Game

Project By: Seth Hiatt

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Except for this time it is real! A catastrophic meteor storm threatens to turn all living creatures on this beautiful blue marble into fossil fuels. Of course, only a select few fellow rocket engineers can save the planet. And guess what? You only have five minutes to do so! No pressure!

Meteor is a 1-5 player, real time, cooperative, card game that plays in five minutes are less. Players work together trying to develop technology or launching rockets to destroy meteors. “

“Piece of cake, I played Missile Command by myself for years! At least, you have friends to help you in this game! This board  game will be easy!”

Wrong! Not only do you have only five minutes to beat the game, but you also can’t talk to any of your comrades until you develop the technology! So, strategizing in silence brings a whole new type of chaos to the table!

A simple to read graph for shipping is posted on their campaign page.

Twisting Catacombs . Miniature Dungeon Scenery

 Project By: Zealot Miniatures

Kickstarter Coming Soon

If you are wanting to add some tasty texture to your board game or RPG, than I would advise checking out Zealot Miniatures new Kickstarter campaign, Twisting Catacombs, Miniature Dungeon Scenery.

The Kickstarter campaign has flexible tiers allowing some swapping of items you may want with items you don’t. The terrain is compatible with a whole array of board games and RPG games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Heroquest, Descent, or anything else using 28mm-30mm scale character miniatures.

The detailed items are digitally sculpted and created in house using vacuum casted, pure, hard resin . The types of items range from doors to rats, alchemist’s benches to lighting braziers, and much, much more; Tons of different options to help spice up you and your friends tabletop experiences.

Shipping is free in the UK. Check the easy to read shipping graph for all other countries.

That’s it for this week! Be sure to come back next week as I uncover tomorrow’s board gaming gems today on Kickstarter. Til than, Keep playin’ to be playin’!

About Jason Hancock

Ever since my early childhood I've had a love for card and board games.I am now married with two children that have moved out of the house and on to their own lives. This new phase of life has rekindled the old passion of tabletop gaming and lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys it also.

Kick The Box September 29th 2014 Edition

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Sep 292014

Kick The Box

September 29th Edition

Summer is fading fast. Living in the Pacific Northwest; this always brings about mixed feeling for me. Soon the Sun Goddess will slither back to her hole high above the clouds, beckoning the Rain Gods forth for the next nine months, but the days of enjoying the outdoors are soon trumped by the ecstatic glees of tabletop happiness. Luckily, there are lots of great games and gaming accessories to choose from including this week’s picks which features people trying to capture white rabbits Vye RPG Dice Magnets on Island Dice in the world of Alice of Wonderdice!

Kickstarter News: Philip DuBarry’s Skyway Robbery reached it’s pledge goal of $32,000 in the last minutes of his campaign! It was an amazing photo finish that was fun to  follow on Twitter. Congratulations Phil! MAGE Company’s The Orcfather is fully funded with less than 48 hours left in their campaign! If you’re looking for a new role deduction game, than be sure to check out The Orcfather. Chaz Marler’s Pair of Dice Paradise Indiegogo campaign has hit the $2,000 mark! This means, that if you hurry and catch the latest update on the campaign before Friday, October 30th, Chaz will tell you about a contest he is holding that could net you the amazing deduction game Tragedy Looper! Hurry before it is too late!

RPG Dice Magnets!

Project By: Archaedemos

Whole dice, drilled out, with a strong rare-earth magnet set in place.

What better way to show your inner geek than with these amazing RPG Dice Magnets!  There are various pledge levels. You can order a random color set of seven dice that will include one D20, D12, D8, D6, D4, and two D10s, or if you are in a more colorful mood, than you can choose one of the rainbow pledge levels and each die will be one of the available colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black.

These are regular dice drilled and tapped with a rare earth mineral for the magnet.

Shipping ranges from $7-$25 depending on the pledge level for International needs. Shipping within the US is included.

Island Dice

by Casual Dragon Games

Island Dice pits 2-4 players, or groups of explorers, against one another on a custom created island of hex pieces. Their goal is to be the group of explorers  that brings peace to the Island Dice. This can be done two ways; either by protecting all four native tribe bases simultaneously or by killing everyone else on the island.

Just like any dice game, Lady Luck on your side will help, but Island Dice adds a different twist on the rolling of dice by choosing WHICH dice you want to roll. You have three D6’s that you will roll on your turn that will determine gems, population, and movement. Not only do you get to roll the boring old regular D6s,  but you get to decide on three other D6s to add to your dice roll. Different dice will have different abilities. You can try to summon one of the two monsters on the board and hope you can control them and help destroy your enemies, or maybe you need some jewels,  which are the currency of the game. There are these and several more options that will help define your tactics as you try to bring peace to Island Dice. 

There is an easy to read chart for shipping needs at the bottom of their Kickstarter page.

PlayMe: Alice in Wonderdice

Project by: Wonderdice – LudiBooster

PlayMe: Alice in Wonderdice is a frantic dice rolling game all about catching the white rabbit. A game with beautiful illustrations based on Lewis Carroll’s classic books has players rolling frantically trying to complete a straight of 1-6. Players can also use their dice to block other players progression. When a player completes their straight, they will slap the circular portrait of the white rabbit located in the center of the table. This player will turn over their character card to the madness side, and a new round starts. Any player that can complete the straight and capture the white rabbit with both sides of their character card, wins!

There are also a couple of variants of the PlayMe! in the rules. One is a team variant called jabberwocky that includes a betrayal element, a challenge variant where every  player must play every character of the game once. The player that was successful the most times is the winner. The Play Me variant has the person who completes their straight first yells “Play Me!” and everyone tries slapping the white rabbit portrait in the center. This sounds like the variant that would fit my family perfect! Fisticuffs Arise!

Shipping worldwide is included!

Vye: The Card Game

Project By Sand Hat Games

Vye: The Card Game is a 2-4 player area control game. Players control a noble house consisting of four family members. Each member has a once per game special ability that can be used at critical strategic point of the game.

Players have a hand of four cards consisting of different lands. On a player’s turn they will play a land down in the center of the table and place one of their tokens on it AND any adjacent like lands.  As the world expands, so will the opportunity to spread your influence. Players will continue to try to expand their influence across the lands until the Empress is drawn. Once she is drawn, the game is immediately over. The player with the largest connected kingdom wins!

Add between $15 to $30, depending on pledge level for shipping outside the US. Shipping within US is included.

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About Jason Hancock

Ever since my early childhood I've had a love for card and board games.I am now married with two children that have moved out of the house and on to their own lives. This new phase of life has rekindled the old passion of tabletop gaming and lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys it also.

Sep 222014

Kick The Box

Sept. 22nd Edition

I hope everyone had a great weekend. This week, Kick The Box highlights has us sitting on a porch, sipping on some Hooch, in a Stuff and Nonsense sort of way while admiring the Combatzone Scenery Of Dungeon’s Deep!

Kickstarter News: Tasty Minstrel Games has a another successful under the belts now that Bomb Squad is fully funded. Also, they added a $60,000 stretch goal that includes a bonus free game for all backers! Saar Shai’s King Down has broken the $120,000 funding mark with a little under three weeks still left in their campaign! Dragon Tides has been cancelled, but is looking to regroup and reboot on October 8th.


Project By: Talon Strikes Studio

We’ll start this week’s picks with Talon Strikes first Kickstarter campaign for their new 3-6 player game Hooch. Hooch is set in the early days of the American Prohibition period.

Now that alcohol is illegal, Several Syndicates have sprung up in Temperance Town. Each player encompasses the role of one of the Syndicate Leaders vying for respect in the town. Players will take turns  hiring characters to add to their syndicate, bribing officials with barrels of Hooch, or opening up storefronts with speakeasies. Players can attack other players and send their ‘crew’ on missions for more Hooch, which in turn, offers more buying power for bigger and better things.

The art style of Hooch is a memoir to the noir mobster movies. This game looks amazing and from the previews I’ve seen and read, plays as well as it looks.

Different pledge levels for different shipping needs.

Stuff And Nonsense

Project By: Cheapass Games

The premise of Stuff and Nonsense is that players are pretending to be adventurers with their great, big, made up tales. When in fact, they are plainly full of crapola. They are actually acquiring exotic and not so exotic artifacts and antiques in stores around London as “proof” that they actually had been to the exotic locations. But, watch out, because Professor Elemental is on the lookout for you so-called adventurers! If he finds you at one of the shops you are visiting, than all hell will break loose! Well, at worse, you’ll loose a couple of points or a card, but still! Those cards and points are precious!

So, why go to all these far off lands that many games claim they take you, when you can just wander around town and make up your own stories; as long as you don’t get caught of course.

Shipping within US is included. Add $15 for shipping outside the US.

Combatzone Scenery

Project By: Combatzone Scenery

Debris Field A (Ships shown for scale and not included)

These asteroids with space debris look absolutely amazing! Not only does Combatzone Scenery have these asteroids pictured above to sell for your miniature games, they also have asteroids bundles featuring the famous Space Slug from The Empire Strikes Back.

Also on their Kickstarter page are pictures of different size planets, ranging from little mining colonies and fire and ice planets to larger planets that have a peculiar similarity to Earth.

For those who rather command ships in the water than ships in space, they have something for you too. Different shapes and sizes of islands to place on your new gaming mat, which Combatzone also has available.

Each scenery piece is cast using a hard, white, 100% alpha plaster called Crystacal R. The pieces look very detailed and a nice texture to them for your painting pleasure. Each scenery piece comes pre-cleaned and sealed ready for painting unlike equivalent resins that need to be scrubbed and primed before painting.

Some of the pieces, such as the asteroids, are also shipped with a base and post so they “float” on your gaming mat.

Words can not do justice to the pictures that are on Combatzone’s Kickstarter page, and I have a feeling that the pictures don’t do justice  to the actual final product. Don’t just take my word for it, head over there now to check them out for yourself.

Shipping within the UK is included. Add £18 to ship outside the UK.

Of Dungeons Deep!

Project By: Jason Glover

You and your fellow adventurers enter into the dungeons as friends. The question is, do you exit the dungeon as friends or enemies?

With a slice of Blood Bowl Team Manager layout, a dash of Smash Up! deck mixing with two different factions, (In this case, a hero and henchman to create your dungeoning duo), and a deck building mechanic, all blended together forms an easy to teach, easy to learn, whimsical dungeon delving experience.

But, wait! There’s more! Not only do you have all those mechanics tied up with a neat little bow, there is also a bluffing mechanic mixed in for good measure. All the monsters have different treasures. When they are defeated, they will be added to the person’s deck that did the most damage. IF, that monster is defeated. If the monster isn’t defeated, than the player who did the most damage to the monster will suffer the consequences and have damage dealt to them. This allows an interesting push and pull semi cooperative mechanic amongst players as they reveal their face down cards.

Shipping included within the U.S. Add $15 for Shipping to Canada. Add $25 for International Shipping.

That’s it for this week’s pick and highlights! Be sure to stop back by next week to see who makes the cut for the Kick The Box highlights! Leave any suggestions and comments down below and be sure to hit the red, shiny Subscribe button so you don’t miss any of the amazing articles and podcasts Troll In The Corner has to offer. Til next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’!

About Jason Hancock

Ever since my early childhood I've had a love for card and board games.I am now married with two children that have moved out of the house and on to their own lives. This new phase of life has rekindled the old passion of tabletop gaming and lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys it also.