Jul 042012

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I play with a fairly mixed bag of psychotic cats individuals: a few old hands clashing with the newer generation of gamers, while those with a foot in either camp watch with bemusement from the sidelines. While there are no real edition wars to speak of at our table, the difference between those who have been running in a system for a few versions and those who have just arrived to the campaign can become fairly weighty over time.

After the jump, we are going to examine how we can help bridge that gap during game, as well as helping to run a better game for people who might have conflicting concepts of what they want from the table.

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Jul 162010

The Dave Taylor Miniatures Blog is running an AWESOME promotion and charity event contest.

They are giving away an entire hand painted Warhammer 40k army in the style of the Storm Wardens, a yet to be released Space Marines Chapter coming in the new Death Watch RPG.  To enter, all you have to do is give a dollar.  Every dollar is another chance to win in their random drawing.  Click the link above or here for more details.

Even if you don’t play 40k, the Fantasy Flight Warhammer based RPG is an incredible game.  I played a previous version, and their combat system is divine for its ability to handle detailed hit locations quickly and fun.  I know I could use an army of figures to bring it to my table.

This is an insane value, and if you don’t win, hey, you did something nice for the world.

For more information on Doctors Without Borders, click here.

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