Jason Hancock

Ever since my early childhood I've had a love for card and board games.I am now married with two children that have moved out of the house and on to their own lives. This new phase of life has rekindled the old passion of tabletop gaming and lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys it also.

Kick The Box May 11th 2015 Edition

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May 112015

Kick The Box

May 11th Edition

Welcome to the second week in May edition of Kick The Box. This weeks findings during our sight seeing stroll down Kickstarter Avenue includes a semi cooperative game, filming of some new video episodes, a new 4x space themed board game, and some hand made crochetted dice bags, deck boxes and other items.

Kickstarter News: Edo’s story telling, Goonies inspired card game, The Siblings Trouble has hit their 48 hr. mark fully funded and first two stretch goals down! Dog Might Games is going to be busy making some gorgeous Adventure Boxes!! They have almost 300 backers and close to $50,000 raised with three weeks still left! Congratulations Scott King for his funding of National Cthulhu Eats Spaghetti campaign!! Artem’s set collecting, tile laying game, Cauldronis only $200 from being funded at the time of this writing!! Who will be the one to push it over it’s funding goal?

Swamped: A Game of Adventure, Secrets and Deadly Peril

Project By: Dennis Hoyle

In case you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard, our own Ben Gerber is close to having his first published game by Bellweather Games.

Swamped is a semi cooperative, 2-4 player game. All the players will have to cooperate as a team to find the rare herb; a rare herb that is hidden deep in the swamp lands. As you travel deeper into the dangerous swamp, players hidden agendas may put the team in dangerous situations and perilous circumstances.

Each player, on their turn, will have the opportunity to control the community boat. Players will be trying to maneuver the boat to benefit not only the main objective, but their own hidden ulterior motive. Push your luck too far and you may find yourself running out of time, or worse, staring down the long tapering snout of a crocodile.

If these perilous conditions arise, than it is time for everyone to decide to work together to get out alive, or do they?

Pilot Season: Four New Shows from Zombie Orpheus

Project By: Zombie Orpheus

Zombie Orpheus is trying to fund four new pilot episodes for four very different and unique shows. After the ten minute pilots are filmed, edited, and produced, backers will chose one of the shows to be lucky enough to get at least a first season produced.

The four shows are The Brass, Demon Hunters Red Tape, The Mirror Game, and The Gamers: The Series. Each of the four shows offer unique storylines, characters, and settings.

The Brass follows a celebrated 19th Century Victorian family as they track down their arch nemesis who has traveled to the future, Seattle 2015.

Demon Hunters Red Tape is a comedy based on Dead Gentleman’s original Demon Hunter movies. This smash up of The Office and Supernatural goes behind the scenes of the demon hunting organization.

The Mirror Game is a mixture of coming of age teen angst and Lovecraftian horrors. A band of nerdy teens discover that the online urban legend, The Mirror Game, is actually real. And worse yet, it is a portal being used by The Great Old Ones. The kids go off to save the world, all before dinner time.

And last but not least, you have The Gamers: The Series. The original cast is back as they look to film their pilot episode also. This time. the fantasy heroes that have been stuck in our boring, mundane world have found a way to return to their homeworld. A portal has opened up and allowed The Shadow into our world. Now the group of friends are faced with the tough decision whether to return back home through the portal or stay and help thwart The Shadows evil plans.

Game Gear & Geekery

Project By: Tabletop Crafts

I covered Tabletop Crafts first successful Kickstarter, Knitted Knerd Dice Bags back in June of 2014. Now Chelle has launched another Kickstarter campaign, Game Gear & Geekery.

Not only is she offering the geektastic dice bags in the shape of Bobomb, Cthulhu, and others, but also keychain dice bags, and deck boxes in the shape of a certain plumber’s question block, treasure chest, and handheld video game.

The dice bags will hold about 20 standard sized dice and the deck boxes hold up to 275 unsleeved cards. There are also some other little knick knack items that can be obtained through the campaign, as well as a tabletop mat, and the crochet patterns for you DIY’ers.

Suggest you check it out so you can add some cute, hand made bling to your game collection.

Shadowstar Corsairs

Project By: Ryan Wolfe

Grab your space helmets, ship, and troops! It’s time to head to the Shadowstar Expanse to claim your rights as the ruler of the area. The ConFederation authorities have granted all of you letters of marque. You can do as you may to claim your stake. Only your negotiation, flying, and combat skills, and maybe a little bit of lady luck, will be what sets you a part from the rest of the scoundrels!

Shadowstar Corsairs is a 4x(explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) game for 2-4 players. Players will be able to combat with troops or ships, upgrade their crew and ships, harvest vital resources, craft new weapons, buy new ships, and much, much more. Each move, politically, financially, or militarily, will help you collect resources and complete Political, Tech, and Contract cards for reputation points. If your ship is destroyed, you can easily obtain a new one. It isn’t going to help your reputation though.

Players turns are quick. Move, perform an action, and than attack. Combat is resolved with one card and one die roll for minimized downtime. If you want to learn more about the ins and outs of the game. I suggest you check out their campaign page.

That wraps up this weeks highlights! Be sure to check out last weeks podcast with game designer, Artem Safarov about his game Cauldron. Until next week, what’s in your Kickstarter que this week?


About Jason Hancock

Ever since my early childhood I've had a love for card and board games.I am now married with two children that have moved out of the house and on to their own lives. This new phase of life has rekindled the old passion of tabletop gaming and lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys it also.

Kick The Box May 4th 2015 Edition

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May 042015

Kick The Box

May 4th Edition

Beginning of May and no signs of slowing down in the board game genre of Kickstarter. In fact, It may be picking up steam as we roll into the spring and summer months. This week we take a look at a deck building(or is it a deck deconstruction?) card game, a set collecting, tile laying board game, some beautiful dice boxes, and an alternate universe miniatures game. A little bit of something for everyone this week. Check out the news and than see who it is that made this week’s picks!

Kickstarter News: The Siblings Trouble is fully funded! Congratulations Edo! Now time to start unlocking some of those stretch goals! Matthew O’Malley’s Knot Dice campaign ended, raising over$97,000! Dragon Scales Coins – Wave 1 has reached over 100 backers and halfway to it’s funding goal with over 3 weeks still left in their campaign!

Cauldron: A board game of competitive alchemy

Project By: Artem Safarov

Cauldron is a game about collecting ingredients and creating potions. Each character has a unique ability so players can tailor their game style to their liking.

Players are trying to harvest ingredients, create potions, and cast spells in this 2-5 player game. They will gain victory points by creating said potions, but will also have to spend those valuable points to increase the board size for more ingredient options, or buy potions that will score you more points, or spells that can help you or hinder your opponents.

Many well known reviewers have given Cauldron high praise as an easy to teach, gateway game with the perfect mixture of  luck and strategy. Games generally  last between 60-90 minutes depending on the player count.

If you want to learn more about Cauldron, be sure to check out this Fridays(May 8th) podcast. Artem Safarov, the designer of Cauldron, drops by and talks about his game, Kickstarter, his mentors in the Kickstarter World, and much, much more.

Xenon Profiteer

Project By: Gryphon and Eagle Games

Xenon Profiteer is designed by TC Petty III (Viva Java: The Coffee Game, Viva Java: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game). In this 2014 Ion Award Winning Game, players are trying to refine their Xenon mining skills.

In most games with a deck building mechanic, scrapping, or discarding cards is simply a type of strategy to help get rid of starter cards or any other cards that aren’t useful to you anymore. In Xenon Profiteer, it’s not a strategy, but the main mechanic used to mine Xenon.

Real quick explanation. During the course of the game, you will have to add “air”(four cards with four different elements, Nitrogen, Krypton, Xenon and Oxygen) to your “system” (your drawing deck). The only element that is worth anything to you is Xenon. The other elements are junk and you will have to distill it out of your system. You do this by drawing five cards to your hand. You are wanting to discard all the elements out of your hand and only have Xenon remaining so you can place it in your tableau in front of you. Of course, there are rules to how, which elements, and when you can do this. You can distill only one type of element out of your hand most turns and they can only be distilled in a certain order. This is where collecting money, buying contracts and upgrades will help you break the rules of the game to make your mining more efficient.

Some interesting concepts and an unique twist to the deck building genre. For a more in-depth look at the game, be sure to check out their campaign page.

The Adventure Case: the Ultimate Tabletop Gaming Accessory

Project By: Dog Might Games

Dog Might Games has another amazing campaign underway with their latest hand made wood projects. This time they have upped the ante of their last Dice Box campaign with their latest creation, The Adventure Case.

The Adventure Case has been in prototype for over a year now. It is a storage space for your gaming supplies, a dice box, a rolling tray, and a screen for hiding your rolls.

Of course, as with all of Dog Might Games creations, The Adventure Case is made out of solid wood, beautiful, and fully customizable. There are several different types of wood to choose, from Natural White Ash to Demon’s Blood Hickory. You can also have the dice tray lined with your choice of color of felt or suede. And that’s not all. They have several decorative metal symbols and amazing looking wooden symbols to choose from to have mounted on the outside of the lid with your choice of orientation. They also have a small variety of different colored lighting options for the inside of your adventure case as well.

For an example of their fine work, you can check out my full review of the Deck Box they sent me for review a year ago. It holds my well-used Star Realms deck and still looks great today.

With their high quality craftsmanship, keen eye to detail, and customer service, Dog Might Games has established themselves as one of the best companies to go to for your customized gaming needs.


Project By: Game Fleet Productions

Clockwork Armada has an interesting art style and appeals to the little kid in me with it’s retro, steam punk design. Add a dash of Space Battleship Yamato(aka Star Blazers) thrown in for good measure and it’s hard to say, “No.”

In this alternate reality of flat worlds and earth defying logic, different alien factions having taken inspiration from early naval vessel designs when they created their fleets of death. Each ships weaponry outfitting can be customized for their needs. They can be outfitted with different types of cannons, shield generators, launch bays, and more.

Ships different quadrants have strengths and weaknesses. Players will have to out maneuver their opponents in order to take advantage of the ships weaknesses.

Clockwork Armada looks like it has an unique mixture of naval and space combat mechanics that may help it stand out on it’s own if it is able to get the funding needed.

That’s it for this week! Is there any Kickstarter projects that said to you “Shut up and take my money!” Let me know down below in the comments!

About Jason Hancock

Ever since my early childhood I've had a love for card and board games.I am now married with two children that have moved out of the house and on to their own lives. This new phase of life has rekindled the old passion of tabletop gaming and lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys it also.

Kick The Box April 27th 2015 Edition

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Apr 272015

Kick The Box

April 27th Edition

We have four outstanding projects for you this week. A rebooted and renamed asteroid mining themed board game, some new fantasy themed coins, some worker placement, abbey building action, and a gorgeous dice display and rolling tray. Check them out after the news!

Kickstarter News: OrcaCon 2016 Game Convention in Everett, Washington is officially a GO! They successfully raised over $21,000 in their campaign with 278 backers. The Apocrypha Adventure Card Game has hit it’s stride, unlocking all the chapters through stretch goals, and encroaching on the bonus chapter stretch goal. The Siblings Trouble is stomping along. Edo has almost reached his funding goal needed to publish his latest creation. You can hear him talk about it and his previous successful Kickstarter Lift Off! on my latest episode of DB94 Podcast!

Periorbis: The deep space mining board game for 2-6 players

Project By: Gareth Newton-Williams

After an IP dispute during their original campaign this last summer, Gareth Newton-Williams have relaunched their game. It has been renamed from Asteroid Miner to Periorbis (For the better in my opinion.)

In Periorbis, the start up mining companies of the players will be competing for the resources on the different asteroids. The goal of the game is to have the most victory points at the end of the game. Players will do this by managing their costs, employees, and mining operations, while racing their opponents to the asteroids and extracting and trading it before they can. The randomness of player’s starting characters and the order the Workers for Hire will appear from the deck offer some replayability.

This worker placement, economic game is already funded and well on it’s way to unlocking some of it’s stretch goals. Check it out!

 Dragon Scales Coins – Wave 1 – Dwarven and Elven

Project By: Ulfsark Games

If you need fantasy coins of many kinds, than, as of late, Kickstarter has been the place to find them. Now, another company, Ulfsark Games has brought their vision of what fantasy currency should look and feel like to life in their latest Kickstarter campaign.

Ulfsark Games has had previous success with their campaigns featuring polyhedral and six sided dice. They now look to expand upon these successful campaigns introducing Dwarven and Elven themed fantasy coins. There will be two different size of coins, 25 and 30 mm.

The coins are ready for production and just need the funding to make it happen.

Dice Display Box and Rolling Tray

Project By: Andy “Cosmo-Joe” Watkins

The top removes to become a rolling tray!


Need a place to not only store but roll your dice? Than these hand made Dice Display Boxes and Rolling Trays would be for you.

Both sections are cut and built out of Solid Red Oak and joined by brass clips. With all the removable dividers in place, the Dice box will hold 100 16mm dice.

With the stretch goals unlocked so far, the felt color choices for the rolling trays are black, green, red, blue, orange, purple, and pink, burgundy, white, and teal. All the stain colors that are now available through stretch goals are Natural, Red Oak, English Chestnut, Jacobean, Red Mahogany, and Ebony.

My only complaint is that there wasn’t a dollar pledge level to follow updates as the campaign progressed, or an option to possibly buy one of these beautiful boxes at a later date.

Other than this minor quibble, there are a lot of beautiful options to ponder for your perfectly customized Dice Display Box and Rolling Tray. Just don’t ponder too long, there is only a couple days left in the campaign at the time of this writing.

The King’s Abbey: A Strategic Abbey Building Game

Project By: Randy Rathert

King’s Abbey campaign has been rebooted with revamped art and graphic design and a lower pledge level plus other changes to help it stand out among todays crowded hobby.

During King’s Abbey, players will be using dice that represent an order of monks to help build the King’s Abbey. Players will compete for prestige points as they train clergy, build towers and buildings, complete crusades, and defend their homestead against Viking attacks. As if that wasn’t enough, players will have to deal with the menacing darkness threatening to destroy everything the players have worked hard to accomplish.

Not only will players be competing to be the most honored monks in the abbey, they are going to have to work together to defend against these Viking attacks and threatening darkness.

The semi-cooperative game will sit 1-5 players and has an estimated game time of 30 minutes per player.

That’s it for this week! Be sure to check out my bi weekly podcast with my co- host, owner of Talon Strikes, Jason Washburn, hit the subscribe button down below, and until next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’.



About Jason Hancock

Ever since my early childhood I've had a love for card and board games.I am now married with two children that have moved out of the house and on to their own lives. This new phase of life has rekindled the old passion of tabletop gaming and lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys it also.

Kick The Box April 20th 2015 Edition

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Apr 202015

Kick The Box

April 20th Edition

The month of April on Kickstarter continues to impress as some great tabletop games and accessories have been launched. This week’s highlights include Eduardo’s The Siblings Trouble, Stonemaier’s Treasure Chests, Mike Selinker’s Apocrpha and The BattleBards must have soundtrack to your games and RPGs. More about them after the news.

Kickstarter News: Scott Almes Best Treehouse Ever finished it’s campaign fully funded with 2,288 backers! T-DICE is now fully funded with two weeks left in their campaign. Valeria: Card Kingdoms did very well. They finished their Kickstarter campaign with over $63,000 raised! Still not too late to pre-order yourself or a friend a copy!

The Siblings Trouble

Project By: Eduardo Baraf

As I mentioned in last week’s Kickstarter News section, Edo’s new story telling cooperative card game, The Siblings Trouble, launched this past Tuesday. I was excited when, by pure adventuring luck, I managed to be the first backer to his new campaign. (Sorry Ben!)

The Siblings Trouble is designed to rekindle adventures inspired by youthful imagination through story telling. This thirty minute game has an adventure deck that is built at the beginning of the game. In the Adventure Deck are Location Cards, Path Cards, A Big Secret Card, and End of Adventure cards; all beautifully illustrated to help you and up to three of your friends and family, of all ages from young kids to Grandparents, narrate a story of adventure that could have very well taken place in your very own backyard.

The game is heavily inspired by classic, coming of age movies such as Goonies and Stand by Me with a dash of Miyazaki (My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away among many others) inspiration for good measure.

The Siblings Trouble will have story tellers of all ages and experience sharing adventures with their friends and family. For more details about the game and Eduardo himself, be sure to check out this Friday’s(4/24/15) podcast with him as our guest.


Project By: Battlebards LLC

Battlebards LLC is wanting to expand their already phenomenal audio catalog with a subscription tier Kickstarter campaign. Battlebard will have over 500 different types of audio tracks available and looking to expand it to 1,000+ by early 2016.

The fantasy audio tracks range from different race language packs to monsterscape audio tracks for different types of creatures, to tracks that feature robust background ambiance cavern, tavern, and many more locations sounds. You can easily search for tracks that meet your needs as a GM or create a soundboard that will have the sounds and audio tracks needed at your finger tips. For complete control, a mixer is available to mix your tracks together for a complete customized soundtrack to your adventures.

If you are a GM that is looking for the ultimate sound catalog for your fantasy adventures, than be sure to check out what Battlebards has to offer.

The Apocrypha Adventure Card Game

Project By: Lone Shark Games

Box and cards mockup. Image not final.

Apocrypha is the brainchild of Mike Selinker (C0-Designer of Lords of Vegas, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, plus many others) and the fine folks at Lone Shark Games.

Apocrypha is a card driven RPG set in a modern post apocalyptic world. Players are “Saints” that can see monsters lurking about the various locations in the world. Each players character will grow stronger as cards are added to their character deck. As the characters grow and powers expand over multiple play sessions, they will also start to grow more unstable.

Each session will last roughly sixty minutes. The game will seat 1-6 players. Each session can be chosen to either run with a player acting as a GM or in a fully cooperative mode, without a GM. Each different session can be tailored to fit either one of the play styles. Just because you played with a player acting as a GM the first session, doesn’t mean you have to in any future sessions if you so choose.

During a round table discussion with Mike Selinker and Michael Mindes of Tasty Minstrel Games during a remote podcast at Gamestorm Convention with Punching Cardboard, he touches briefly on the project, Aporcrypha.

Three New Treasure Chests of Realistic Resource Tokens

Project By: Jamey Stegmaier

The dimensions of each token are a little over 1 cm (height, width, length).

Stonemaier Games has released upon the world, not one, but THREE different Treasure Chests to tempt your wallet. Each Treasure Chest has six different beautifully sculpted resource tokens made out of resin. These can be used for upgrading components to a numerous amount of board games that are probably in your collection.

Every Treasure Chest, at the time of this writing(more could be unlocked per stretch goal) will contain twenty three tokens of each resource. The Food Crate contains resource tokens for steak, coffee, crate, bread, grain, and corn, while The Resource Vault contains water, wool, barrel, bag, cloth, and steel. The third Treasure Chest, The Energy Box, contains tokens for the resources fire, gas, oil, uranium, coal, and trash. If you have been looking to kick those colored wooden cubes to the side and spruce up your games, than grab these while you can.

That’s it for this week! Return next week to see what highlights will be begging for your hard earned cash! As always, leave any comments and suggestions below.

About Jason Hancock

Ever since my early childhood I've had a love for card and board games.I am now married with two children that have moved out of the house and on to their own lives. This new phase of life has rekindled the old passion of tabletop gaming and lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys it also.

Kick The Box April 13th 2015 Edition

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Apr 132015

Kick The Box

April 13th Edition

A quick stroll down Kickstarter Avenue proves to be a worthwhile venture these days. Lots of window shopping to be done as new and experienced project creators pedal their wares up and down the pipes of the Interwebz, The Greatest Mall on the Planet. You will find that some of this week’s highlights might be a little different than your usual tabletop hobby stuff I tend to focus on, but never the less, projects that I think all my readers will have an interest in.

Kickstarter News: Tao of Peg is fully funded and will be produced! There is only a few hours left if you want  your very own copy of this wooden masterpiece! Eduarod Baraf’s second tabletop game, The Siblings Trouble, will be launching this week. Be sure to check back here next week with more info about it after it goes live. Also, our next podcast recording will be with Edo himself to talk about games and his latest story telling creation. A second printing of the popular The Evolution Game System by North Star Games is now live on Kickstarter.

Boss Monster: The Next Level

Project By: Brotherwise Games

The Retro Artwork Phase of tabletop games just keeps going and going and going, and you know what? I’m ok with that.

The 16 bit artwork of Boss Monster 2 take me back to a time when my best friend’s were Link, Samus, and Terra and Locke. Even though the art of BM and BM2 represent a time where players always played the hero, the gameplay of BM and BM2 offers an unique twist. Instead of playing as the hero, you are actually playing as the Dungeon Boss Character. You build your dungeon in hopes of baiting only the weaker heroes to come to your dungeon so you can kill them and collect their souls, while letting the other Dungeon Boss’s bait the stronger, harder to kill heroes.

I have seen some complaints that BM “plays itself”. I don’t totally disagree with that statement, but I do find that the game does offer some interesting decisions; what rooms to build, the timing of when to build them, and the timing of when to use those hard to come by spells. A fun, lightweight game for beginning or ending your game nights.

If you like BM, than I would highly recommend checking out BM2. It’s 160 cards that can be used as an expansion to BM or as a stand alone game.


Project By:  Anna Dadones

The old cliche saying: A picture is worth a thousand words. I think in this case, the picture of these Tron inspired D6s are worth WAY MORE than 1,000 words.

What I can say is that these beauties are available in cast molded metal and three different types of high quality wood: oak, maple, and ash. You can also pledge for a beautiful wooden box to hold your new dice. If the campaign is able to generate more than $10,000, than  some different colors for the metal dice will also become available.

The project, at the time of writing this, has already reached their pledge level of $3,000 and are now working towards their stretch goals.

Knot Dice: Celtic Knot Games, Puzzles, and Art

Project By: Matthew O’Malley


Here is something you don’t see every day; Celtic knots used as a dice game. Matthew O’Malley (co-designer of Between Two Cities and designer of Diner) has been carrying around these dice for several years now. He finally has found a company that can manufacture them and, with your help, is ready to release them upon the world.

Knot Dice isn’t just one game. In the rulebook, there will be six different dice games that can be played. Also, there will be six different dice puzzles.

The dice themselves will be manufactured at 20mm as opposed to the standard 16mm seen in most games.

Also, fellow game designers  are coming up with their own ways to play Knot Dice! Depending on what stretch goals are reached, they may be printed in the rulebook. But, have no fear, even if these stretch goals aren’t met, you will be able to find them on the interwebz.

National Cthulhu Eats Spaghetti Day!

Project By: Scott King

No, this isn’t the latest handbook for the RPG, The Call of Cthulhu, nor is it an expansion to Elder Sign, Eldritch Horror, or Arkham Horror. What it is though, is a new book edited by professional author and photographer, Scott King.

What does this have to do with the tabletop games? I guess I could lie and say it is a must have tabletop gaming accessory. I mean, Cthulhu always makes everything better right? Or, I could use the  loose thread that Scott King is an avid board gamer and has put together two years in a row, two very successful tabletop themed calender Kickstarter campaigns that show of his prowess as a photographer. Or, I could say, my blog, my rules, and I can break them whenever I feel the whimsy of the wind to do so.

No matter the reason or logic you want to put behind me doing so, the matter is I think you should check out this new book about the obscure holiday National Cthulhu Eats Spaghetti Day. This 157 page book includes a short story about the origin of the holiday. It will also include several newspaper clippings, providing the reader with an even more robust understanding of the insanity of it all. Also, to be included, are several recipes to help you celebrate your new found favorite holiday, and lots of other  more. Oh, and there is a section with a Gaming Guide with tips for hosting your own game night. (There! We will use that as the official tie in to my blog!)

Also, available is a magnificent 20 x 30 piece of art that captures the essence of Call of Cthulhu, a short story by H.P. Lovecraft.

That’s it for this week! Hit me up on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media outlets for any comments or suggestions. Until next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’!

About Jason Hancock

Ever since my early childhood I've had a love for card and board games.I am now married with two children that have moved out of the house and on to their own lives. This new phase of life has rekindled the old passion of tabletop gaming and lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys it also.

Kick The Box April 6th 2015 Edition

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Apr 062015

Kick The Box

April 6th Edition

Kicking off April with a bang! A new convention that is trying to get a jumpstart via Kickstarter, a new RPG, a new social deduction game and Dragons all our accounted for in this week’s Kick The Box picks. Before those, we have the latest Kickstarter News.

Kickstarter News:  The family abstract game Tao of Peg is just a little over $1,000 short of funding with a little over a week left in their campaign. Be sure not to miss Valeria: Card KingdomsThere is only a couple days left in their successful campaign. Neon Sanctum has hit the 50% mark with their campaign. Whether you are a RPG veteran or newbie, check out  their card driven, cyberpunkish RPG.

OrcaCon 2016 Game Convention

Project By: Donna Prior

Whether you live near the Seattle-Everett, Washington area, or not, you may want to check out a new tabletop convention called OrcaCon that is trying to raise funds for their inaugural Tabletop Convention set for January 8th-10th 2016 at the Holiday Inn Downtown in Everett, Washington.

They want to make this an annual convention and need your help to get it started. The first convention already has two Guest of Honors lined up. For the Games Guest of Honor, they have the award wining game designer, writer, and publisher, CEO of Green Ronin Publishing, Chris Pramas, (Dragon Age RPG, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay second edition, and Freeport: The City of Adventure), 

Their Artist Guest of Honor is Linda “Brasse” Carlson. She has worked in the video game Community Management position for several years and also has her own website with detailed maps of EQ2 and other incredible stuff at thebrasse.com.

If you’re looking for a new convention to hang out with accepting, like minded people that enjoy their tabletop hobby as much as you do, then head over to their Kickstarter page to see how you can help!

Blades in the Dark

Project By: John Harper

It’s too bad my wallet has nothing but dust left in it from the March Madness of Kickstarter Games and April isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, because Blades In The Dark looks like the RPG equivalent to video games such as Thief and Dishonored.

Blades of The Dark is set in a world where barren technology and occult happenings collide. The grimy port city of Duskwall is a perfect place to set up your thieving crew of scoundrels and role play through the faction levels of the city. Of course, your crew isn’t the only crew that is dead set on creating a vast criminal empire of fortune.

Blades of Dark stands out among the many RPG’s out there with it’s unique teamwork mechanics. Not only are you creating individual characters but those characters will act, live, and breathe as one entity as well. Some very interesting stuff and I suggest you check them out if you are looking to bring a different environment and play style to your table.


Project By: Travis Hancock

Any game that was designed by a designer with the same last name as I, Hancock, has to be awesome. Right?

In this case, I believe this looks to be true with Travis Hancock’s new role deduction game, Salem. Salem is set during the “great” witch hunt in Salem, Massachusetts during the 1690’s. 4-12 players will either be townsfolk trying to hunt the witches, or witches trying to hide amongst their peers and trick other players into becoming witches themselves.

Unlike most social deduction games, the game offers rules to play either with or without a moderator, or you can start without a moderator and the first person that dies becomes the moderator  for the rest of the game.

These and other interesting aspects make this one to check out, especially if you are looking for a new social deduction game with some strategy and twists and turns. Oh yeah! Almost forgot! The box has the look of an old text book from that time period with a magnetic lid. The pictures of it look amazing! Check it out!

Dragon Playmats and Tablemats

Project By: Robert Burke Games

After - One design available in the 29"X72" size as shown

Speaking of things that look amazing, Robert Burke has gone full fledged loco with the dragon art that first appeared in his magnificent 2 player game, Draco Magi.

He’s done a couple of small Kickstarter campaigns with new dragon art for the game and prints for the art. Now, after several successful testing the waters of these small campaigns, he has gone all out with playmats that feature the gorgeous artwork of Kerem Beyit.

The playmats can be ordered in three different sizes with several pieces of artwork to choose from. The smallest mats are 14″X 24″, where the largest ones are 29″ x 72″ and will completely cover a folding banquet table. The playmat size that fits in between these two are 34″ x 34″ and covers a folding card table.

These look magnificent. I love the artwork that Kerem has done for Robert Burke’s Games. Check these out if you are looking for a new table cover for your gaming table(s).

There’s you Kickstarter highlights for this week. If you tune into my podcast this Friday, you will get a preview of one of next week’s highlights as we have Brikenback Games, Paul Cosca, on the show talking about his new Kickstarter Shakespeare is Dead. Check it out this Friday!

Sign off with the question “What games are crushing your wallet this week?”

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Ever since my early childhood I've had a love for card and board games.I am now married with two children that have moved out of the house and on to their own lives. This new phase of life has rekindled the old passion of tabletop gaming and lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys it also.

Kick The Box March 30th 2015 Edition

 Board and Card Games  Comments Off on Kick The Box March 30th 2015 Edition
Mar 302015

Kick The Box

March 30th Edition

March has been a brutal month to our wallets for the tabletop gaming community, and there seems to be no signs of slowing down! A couple of this week’s highlights I snuck in right before the final buzzer of their campaign, so don’t dilly dally about checking them out if they look interesting to you! Also, be sure to check out last week’s podcast with Suzanne from Board Game Breakfast and Board Game Blender on The Dice Tower Network and Part 1 of two part coverage series of our local convention, Gamestorm with Mike Selinkter (Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game) and Michael Mindes of Tasty Minstrel Games.

Kickstarter News: Above and Below had an amazing campaign as they finished up with well over $142,000 pledged funds! Burgle Bros. has also surpassed the $147,000 mark in their campaign and still has four days left! Congratulations Tim! Vault Wars, designed by Jon Gilmour finished their campaign fully funded at over $65,000! Congratulations Jim and Co.!

 Best Treehouse Ever

Project By: Green Couch Games

Image enlarged to show detail.

Board Game Designer Scott Almes, (The Tiny Epic Series of Games, Martian Dice, Harbour, and more) has another hit on his hands with the successful funding of his latest game, Best Treehouse Ever. This time Scott has teamed up with Green Couch Games to help bring his latest creation to life.

Best Treehouse Ever is a light card drafting game that pits players against one another in the epic childhood battle of building the most envious tree house on the block. Players will simultaneously choose a room from their hand of cards and than pass the rest to the player to their left. Than, after everyone reveals their card at the same time, they will add it to their tree house.

As you build your tree house, you have to be wary of which side of the tree you are building on. If you are not careful, you may lock yourself out of being able to build specific colored rooms for your tree house.

The player with the most points after the final scoring phase, wins.

Ancient Terrible Things: The Lost Charter + 2nd Edition

Project By: Pleasant Company Games

Ancient Terrible Things was funded back in July of 2013 by Pleasant Company Games. The dice placement game is one that I have found thematic and enjoyable when it has hit the table. The artwork used in ATT is reminiscent of pulp magazines of the yesteryear with it’s haphazardly drawn, thick outlines and dark earth tones.

Pleasant Company Games is now using Kickstarter to gauge the public interest of a reprint of ATT and to help fund the printing of ATT’s first expansion. The expansion will include more of the same found in ATT, plus some new dice mechanics, card Travel Locations, Character Perks, new Encounter Card Types, and more.

If you missed ATT’s first print run, be sure not to miss their second print run with their new expansion. The campaign closes within the next couple days.


Project By: Andrew Harman


Wow! I can not believe I almost missed this! Andrew Harman (designer of the game Frankenstein’s Bodies) has a new game on Kickstarter, and apparently has for a few weeks now, because it is a couple hours below the forty eight hour mark at the time of this week’s posting.

I had the novel opportunity to interview Andrew Harman during his successfully funded Frankenstein’s Bodies campaign. Still, to this day, is one of my favorite interviews ever done whether by email or as a guest on my podcast.

The game Sandcastles is a light strategic game that has up to seven players competing to build the best sand castle before the next big wave comes crashing in on your fun.

Players will play cards that will help build their grandiose sand castle or steal other player’s sand castle cards. Also, while you are building and collecting points for completed castles, be sure to keep an eye on the random achievement cards that will grant you bonus points.

Of course, at the end of the game, the player with the most points wins!

Valeria: Card Kingdoms

Project By: Daily Magic Productions

Only Kickstarter backers will get this one-time low price!

Valeria: Card Kingdoms is another game that was at Unpub 2015 that I didn’t get a chance to play, unfortunately. This beautifully illustrated game has players competing to be the next king of Valeria.

Players will be collecting resources for either purchasing power or fighting abilities. The mechanic that is used for collecting these resources has an interesting tweak. Each character in the upper left hand corner has a number. They also have two distinct sections at the bottom of the card that will denote what resources will be collected if the number is rolled. The left section represents what the active player gains, and the right side represents what all other players will collect on the die roll.

The active player rolls two dice. Any cards that match the numbers on the rolled dice are activated and resources collected. You also add the dice together. The creature with the same totaled number is ALSO activated. This gives an opportunity of possibly collecting resources from three different characters or domains in one turn

Surround yourself with villagers, dominate some domains, and slay some monsters for victory points, cause as everyone knows, he/she with the most points, wins!

 That concludes this week’s highlights! Be sure to check back next week as I dredge through the vast halls of Kickstarters for next week’s picks. Til than, Keep playin’ to be playin!

About Jason Hancock

Ever since my early childhood I've had a love for card and board games.I am now married with two children that have moved out of the house and on to their own lives. This new phase of life has rekindled the old passion of tabletop gaming and lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys it also.

Mar 232015

Kick The Box

March 23rd Edition

Lots going on these last couple of weeks. I had the pleasure of my podcast, Docking Bay 94 collaborating with the guys from the Punching Cardboard Podcast  over the weekend at our local convention, Gamestorm. Two episodes will be posted in the next week. I believe the first episode released will be the round table discussion with Tasty Mintrel Games, Michael Mindes and Michael Selinker, the President of Lone Shark Games. The second episode is a rotation of different guests plugging their latest endeavors and us quick firing questions at them. They range from movie publishers to artists to game designers. Was a blast had by all! Now onto the news and this week’s picks!

Kickstarter News: Bottom of the 9th by Dice Hate Me Games is still going strong with a little over $50,000 raised so far for their Kickstarter campaign. They have just a couple days left in their campaign at the time of this writing. Resistor_ , another two player game, still has a little under two weeks left in their campaign and is completely funded and doing well. Above And Below has hit their 48 hour mark. So, don’t miss it if you are looking for a new type of story telling game.

Neon Sanctum

Project By: Grenade Punch Games

RPG’s are becoming more streamlined everyday and focusing more on the story telling aspect of role playing, as opposed to the mechanics and dice rolling aspect.

Neon Sanctum is another one of those RPG’s. I had the privilege of Grenade Punch Games sending me a prototype copy that included a couple of maps, the cards, and a link to the rules and tokens back in November of last year. Everything has a card; your weapons, items, skills, players, NPC mobs, and whatever else that is usable by the players or GM.

The cards are played from your hand to help with skill checks. You roll two D10 and add them plus bonuses from the card. The difficulty of that dice roll is determined by the GM, depending on the story scenario. That, for the most part, is it. GM describes how bad or good you succeeded/failed depending on the dice roll and you move on with the story.

What I really like about Neon Sanctum is how the combat initiative is determined. Each player will hand their player card to the GM. He will shuffle those in with the mob cards and than place them on the table one time, from left to right. The player or NPC on the left has first initiative and is granted the opportunity to perform their actions first. Each subsequent player after that take their turns in the river order. Of course, there are special rules for ambushes and other combat related occurrences, but this is really the core of the combat scenario.

If your group is wanting to dabble in the art of RPG’s set in a cyberpunk world that takes place in a sparse wasteland with cities that remind me of the Seattle setting in Shadowrun and the Neo Tokyo setting in Akira, I recommend checking out Neon Sanctum.

The Lord of the Ice Garden 2nd Edition

Project By: Krzysztof Wolicki REDIMP

The second edition of The Lord of the Ice Garden is now live on Kickstarter. This version will have an updated rulebook and, with the right pledge level, promo materials from Essen.

(I am being lazy today and just going to copy and paste what I wrote about it in May of last year.  This doesn’t make the game any less attractive by the way and I’m hoping to be able to have the funds to back it this time around!)

TLotIG is a 2-4 player strategic board game, set in the world of Midgaard. It is  filled with human-like beings able to control magic. The culture and technology of these beings resemble the time of Vikings of our own world.  This is disrupted when scientists from Earth arive in Midgaard. Their discovery of magic, coupled with their scientific knowledge, changes their views. They are consumed with a power hungry need to make Midgaard a “better place”, even if it means sacrificing everyone and everything, for themselves to achieve it.

Players will step into the role of these scientists with the goal to control as many regions as possible, scoring victory points along the way. As usual, he/she with the most points wins.


Project By: NSKN Games – LudiBooster

I have to admit, when I first took a look at Mistfall, even though it looks to be a solid game, I didn’t immediately see what it had to offer that other games didn’t. Than, I realized that Mistfall incorporates the tile layout of Forbidden Desert with a high fantasy setting like Descent. In this fully cooperative, 1-4 player game, the world is represented by tiles that are randomly placed face down.

As adventurers, you must traverse these unknown tiles trying to complete your quest.  Of course, time can be your most dangerous enemy; even more dangerous than the hostile beasts and epic foes that you must battle as encounters as you travel these lands. Level up your characters, find better loot, and disperse of these baddies before your time is up.

Airborne Commander

Project By: Stratamax Games


Stratamax Games is publishing a new deck building game with a solo variant twist, Airborne Commander. In Airborne Commander,  you will try to lead the 101st Airborne to victory  during one of the most bloodiest and courageous days of WWII, D Day.

The rules are simple enough and explained in about five minutes in their Kickstarter campaign video. Every turn, four cards from the Axis deck are placed face up in a row. You will use the cards from your hand to either fight the Axis and obstacles, or as support for your troops, or as recruits. Be careful though, any military forces used in the firefight could be defeated and removed from the game. If you leave any of the Axis spots uncontested, you will have to add a disorganized card to your deck for each uncontested spot. These are just garbage cards that have absolutely no value to you. They represent your platoon becoming more disorganized.

When you use them as recruits, you will use their currency value to gather reinforcements from the Drop Cards.

There is two win and two loss conditions for Airborne Commander. You can lose by drawing a hand full of disorganized cards. That is, your troops are too scattered to be a cohesive military unit. If one of the Axis stacks have four Axis cards, than you have been captured. You win by cycling through all of  the Drop or Mission Decks once without meeting either one of the lost conditions. If you are able to win in Airborne Commander, than you will tally up your points to see how well you really did do.

Phew! That is a list if I do say so myself! Be sure to come back next week for more board game picks, and all the Docking Bay 94 Episodes that will be coming your way! Who would you like to see as a guest on our podcast? Leave any suggestions down below.

About Jason Hancock

Ever since my early childhood I've had a love for card and board games.I am now married with two children that have moved out of the house and on to their own lives. This new phase of life has rekindled the old passion of tabletop gaming and lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys it also.