Nov 052016

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For my fifth year, I’m taking part in Extra Life! We’ll be playing games with a bunch of awesome people all day today right through to tomorrow (25 hours, yikes!) to raise money for Children’s Hospitals. Join us via this live stream to see what we’re doing!

Extra Life is a 403(b) Charitable Organization dedicated to healing sick and injured kids. This will be my 5th year supporting this awesome charity. Here’s how it works. Once a year, folks like you join my team, create their own, or sponsor us as we play games for 24 hours straight. All of the money raised – 100% – goes to children’s hospitals around the country and the world. And any donations are tax deductible! If you want to donate – please do so here!

Also, since I’ve met my goal, the beard goes! Here’s one of the last pictures of this year’s EL beard.


Also, don’t forget that at 2AM this Sunday – it’s Daylight Savings Thing Time!


We got a few extra games in the night-of – Started with the silly Animal upon Animal and then some deck building fun with Dominion and DC.

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Right, off to play some solo games and get that coffee going!



Ben November 6, 20163:52 AM

Jenn and I are the last two standing. We’ve cranked out a few games of Monopoly Deal. Now she’s going to bed and I’m going to grab my phone and do a few games of Sentinels of the Multiverse and Star Realms.

What an awesome game day! Huge thanks to everyone who donated and also to everyone who came out to make this happen!
Ben November 6, 20163:12 AM

Beans and no beard.

Ben November 6, 20162:07 AM

Just played 4 player DC Deck Builder! I won!

Ben November 6, 20162:06 AM

Hey! It’s 2am again!

Ben November 6, 20161:55 AM

Ben November 6, 20161:54 AM

Woo! Finally won a game of Scythe! 72 points to the next highest which was 58.

Ben November 5, 201611:35 PM

A little bit of late night Scythe!!!

Ben November 5, 20169:45 PM

Just played a wickedly fun game of Funemployed with 11! I haven’t laughed that long and hard in quite some time.

Ben November 5, 20167:55 PM


Ben November 5, 20167:54 PM

The Beard Update: Part 2

Ben November 5, 20167:51 PM


Ben November 5, 20166:21 PM

Camel Cup – I wasn’t in last place!

Ben November 5, 20164:28 PM

Several rounds of Codenames while DC was going on at the main table.

Ben November 5, 20164:10 PM

Codenames Round 2 starting up!

Ben November 5, 20162:45 PM

For those wondering about the Bear Challenge –

Ben November 5, 20162:30 PM

Kate says “Hi”.

Ben November 5, 20162:30 PM

Just played a rousing round of What Where You Thinking!

Ben November 5, 20161:20 PM

Yup, Hetchen won 161 to Jenn’s 160 and John’s 127 and my pathetic 73.

Ben November 5, 20161:04 PM

Just finished up Seasons! I got 73 points. Which I think is going to be pretty terrible.

Also, Kate and Chris are here!
Ben November 5, 201612:30 PM

Four plus five is… nine?

Ben November 5, 201612:07 PM

Ooh! Chip and his daughter Eve just arrived!

Ben November 5, 201612:07 PM

Whelp, I started to explain Firefly after setting it up and we all decided that it was going to be a little too much for a game-filled day like today. So we broke out an easy game. Seasons!

Ben November 5, 201610:02 AM

Just got in two games of Forbidden Desert (as picked by the poll I did earlier on the Board Game community). Three of us, John, Luca and I lost the first game to the shifting sands. The second game was John and I and we won with a little bit of wiggle room!

Also, we have a prize table!

Ben November 5, 20168:25 AM

Got the ‘Verse all set up and also Forbidden Desert. Luca’s just getting out of the shower and John’s here so we’ll kick off with Forbidden Desert in a few minutes.

Ben November 5, 20167:59 AM

Setting up this beast of a game and John, our first guest, just arrived!

Ben November 5, 20167:36 AM

Wow! Finally won something! :) Two games in a row of Star Realms vs. the AI.

Ben November 5, 20167:26 AM

Ben November 5, 20167:13 AM

And… a second loss at Friday. At least I made it pretty well into the red phase this time – the cards in the game get progressively harder as you go through them again and again.

Still haven’t even SEEN the pirate ships though. Ouch!
Ben November 5, 20167:12 AM

Somebody else in this house is awake! Not sure who yet but my money’s on Luca.

Ben November 5, 20166:50 AM

Yeesh! That was brutal. I’m going to set it up one more time to see if I can get at least one Friday win.

Ben November 5, 20166:25 AM

Ben November 5, 20166:25 AM

Here I go against the solo game Friday. It’s brutal – I’ve played perhaps 10 times now and ‘won’ against the game 4.

Ben November 5, 20166:09 AM

If you’d like to donate to my campaign – you can do so here:

Ben November 5, 20166:09 AM

Ben November 5, 20165:59 AM

5:51 – it’s official. That’s my start with a turn for Star Realms online via my cell phone. Right now, my only companion is our cat Luna. I expect that to change over the next few hours though!

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