Sep 212016


I’m wicked excited about this one! I’ll be at the Granite Game Summit up at the Holiday Inn in Nashua, New Hampshire on Saturday, October 22nd. And I’m bringing Luca (my expert, 10 year old game reviewer daughter) with me. We’ll be there around 10ish in the morning staying until roughly 5pm. I will of course have a few copies of Swamped and Ninja – Silent but Deadly with me. I’ll also bring a passable passel of other games and perhaps even a prototype or two I’m currently futzing about with.

I may even try my hand at “Halp! Someone teach me Terra Mystica!” as I’d love to get a game of that in.

If you’re going to be at GG2Summit, please feel free to say hello! Maybe we can even get a game or two in.

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I'm a geek. A nerd, a dweeb, whatever. Yes I owned garb, yes I still own medieval weaponry. And yeah, I could kick your butt in Mechwarrior the CCG. I love video games, role playing games, tactical board games and all forms of speculative fiction. I will never berate someone for wanting to be a Jedi and take everything Gary Gygax ever wrote as gospel. Well, all of this but that last bit.

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