Jul 072016


I just opened a game named Scythe! I was so surprised at how heavy it is and how much was in the box. There are over 50 game pieces!

Scythe | 1-5 players | ~2 hours play time.

All of the game pieces and the boards are super cool but my favorite part of the game is the Achievement Sheet.


I think this is the best piece because it is so smart to write down all of the wins and the first time something happens. I also love the resources because they look so realistic. Overall this game seems like a blast and I can’t wait to play it!



(A note from the editor: Luca is my 10 year old daughter. She’s been a gamer for just about her entire life and over the last few years has played a variety of non-family, non-kid games with me, my wife and friends. Some of her current favorites are the DC Deck Builder series, Isle of Skye, Love letter and a little game called Swamped. 

She’s been interested in writing game reviews for a while now and I’m slowly showing her the ropes here on Troll. I’ll edit her writing for format and spelling (as best I can) but I’ll leave her style to her. Luca also chooses which games she reviews.)


About Luca

Luca is 10 years old and is Ben's daughter. She is an avid gamer and is excited about writing her own reviews.

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