Sep 102015


There aren’t always new deals that are worth posting, hence the break between posts that occurs. Sometimes though there are some pretty sweet things going on in land.

The Castles of Mad King Ludwig is 36% off today at $38.26.

Speaking of castles, Castles of Burgundy, while not the cheapest it’s ever been, is 37% off at $26.37.

A game that I personally love, Camel Up is 34% off at $29.91.

AquaSphere has been perpetually on sale and remains so at 34% off or $39.55.

Doodle Quest, which I’ve been hearing a lot about, is 35% off at $18.28.

Finally, the also perpetually on sale Spyrium is 40% off today at $21.12. I have this in my collection as I couldn’t resist something that’s a nice Euro at this price but I have yet to play it.

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