Jul 272015


Not every day will feature enough interesting deals to warrant a post. Today however is not one of those days.

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival is a wonderful game (my review) that is currently $20.15 plus $0.25 in shipping. It’s not Prime, but it is 42% off.

Panamax from Stronghold Games is 34% off at $39.78.

Smash Up is 39% off at $18.34, but it won’t ship Prime until July 30th.

Munchkin Loot Letter (the Love Letter/Munchkin mash up) is 49% at $5.60. It’s an add-on item, which means you need to order at least $25 worth of stuff.

King of Tokyo is 43% at $25.74.

DriveThruCards is having their Christmas in July sale, with a few titles notably discounted in their card games. Of particular interest is Smart Play Games (i.e. Daniel Solis) who make some amazing titles.

If you’re into the RPGs, DriveThruRPG features the same deal (25% off through July 30th) on a huge number of titles, including some of my own.

That’s all folks!

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