Jul 222015


Over at a few other places, I post the occasional board game deals I find – which to me is usually any game that’s at least 30% off of the MSRP after shipping. I tend to favor Amazon a lot because I work through the affiliate program there and that’s where I get the money to pay for the hosting of this site. I thought I’d try an experiment and post a few of these here on TC from time to time.

Found a few things on fairly good discounts at Amazon today, including Steam from Mayfair Games. It’s 35% off or $35.86.

Brass continues the one word title trend at $35 or 42% off.

Machi Koro is $19.14 or 36% off.

Madeira is $35 or 42% off.

Asgard is $23 or 54% off.

Among the Stars is $33 or 34% off.

Good Cop Bad Cop is $20 or 32% off.

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